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Church and Convent of Saint Augustine

Located just a block away from Quito's Independence Plaza, the Church and Convent of Saint Augustine is a superb example of 17th century architecture and an important part of Ecuado's history, being the site where the country... read more

Galápagos Petrels

Endemic to the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador, the Galápagos Petrel (Pterodroma phaeopygia) is listed as 'critically endangered' by the IUCN – International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Referred to locally as the p... read more

Spend Some Time Sightseeing in Alausí

Located in the Chimborazo province of Ecuador, Alausí is one of the stops for the Tren Crucero and an interesting town to explore. Many of the buildings in Alausí are more than 100 years old and the town has a number of pub... read more

Enjoy a Journey on the Tren Crucero

Running between Guayaquil and Quito over a distance of 280 miles the Tren Crucero route makes its way through some of Ecuador's most spectacular scenery, allowing passengers to sit back in luxury and simply enjoy the view. Th... read more

Ecuador Remains One of World's Top Retirement Destinations

According to International Living magazine's 2014 Global Retirement Index, Ecuador is one of the top choices as a retirement destination this year, for more reasons that its temperate weather, which put it at the top of the C... read more

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