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Adventure in Lloa

There is a small village in the Pichincha Province of Ecuador where hikers and mountain bikers frolic in the beauty of nature and surrounding landscapes. It is a village surrounded by lush vegetation and breathtaking panoramic views. Located just outside the city of Quito, Lloa borders on the spectacular Pinchincha Volcano foothills. Over and above its obvious beauty, there are a host of adventures and activities to enjoy. It is the ideal location for a perfect encounter with nature and the magnificence of Ecuador.

There are many hiking routes around the village of Lloa. Many other hiking trails beginning in various towns situated close to the village end in or incorporate Lloa. On clear days, the view from Lloa is astounding. The bustling city of Quito can be seen far in the distance, with mountains and volcanoes in all directions. Some of these natural features include the Cotopaxi Ruminahui Heart Mountain and the Guagua Pichincha Volcano. The Guagua Pichincha Volcano is active, and its looming presence adds a touch of mystery and danger to the rolling landscape.

Mountain bikers are also a familiar sight on these routes around Lloa, often walking the last short distance toward the crater, to marvel at the volcano’s greatness. During the rainy season, as the mud covers the roads and walkways, 4x4 enthusiasts make the most of these conditions, taking on the landscape and the adventures it holds with their vehicles. But it doesn’t matter if you explore Lloa on foot, bicycle or by vehicle, it still remains an unforgettable experience. Locals are friendly and consist mainly of ranchers and farming families. The entire region is known for its dairy products, which is the most popular agricultural product of Lloa. There are a number of other attractions for visitors to enjoy, including the majestic Cotopaxi Volcano, Antisana Volcano and the Rucu Pinchincha craters. The Pinchincha Refuge is also worth visiting, attracting hundreds of tourists each year. A trip to Lloa and its breathtaking natural wonders is a recommended. It is definitely an unique and intriguing area to explore.


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Fausto - 2010-03-19 15:22:14

When i was a child, i used to go to spend a couple of weeks of summer vacation in Lloa, my aunt had a farm out there. My memories are still very clear from those great and wonderful times, cherished by me and many others who were there too. I went back after 40 years, to visit the town, and it filled my heart with joy to be there again, the area is still one of the most beautiful places on earth to relax, view great sceneries, and smile.

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bill glenn - 2010-03-19 14:10:58

This is also an excellent site for birdwatching! Nice article.Thanks,

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