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Casa Del Alabado

Two families from Ecuador had a dream to educate the public regarding the rich and colorful past of Ecuador. As collectors they have unlocked breathtaking secrets of the history of the country and have come to appreciate the past they share with others. Their goal of bringing the past into the present was realized through the establishment of Casa del Alabado, which is now the newest museum in Quito, and a must-see for all who visit this spectacular city.

The name of the museum was derived from the plaque that was above the door, known as an alabado, that is actually a prayer to the house. It is documented on the plaque that the house was constructed in the year 1671. This date confirms that Casa del Alabado is one of the oldest buildings in Quito, and is as much a part of history as the valuable pieces it displays within its walls. The house was carefully renovated so as not to destroy its historical integrity, and its interior was transformed into magnificent halls to display its various exhibitions. Even the patios of the house have been used for temporary displays, interactive educational facilities and a peaceful café that serves refreshments to visitors.

The museum exhibits take visitors on a journey from the spiritual past of the country into the present and features exhibits such as parallel worlds and Shamans, which falls under the Underworld theme. The museum works in themes and visitors will find the experience to be awe-inspiring and extremely stimulating. The creativeness of the families who designed the museum can be seen throughout the building.

In the gift shop visitors will find souvenirs that have been inspired by the museum’s displays and that promote the development of locally manufactured items and the history of Ecuador. Items such as jewelry, textiles and ceramic work are available in the shop. Casa del Alabado, brings the past to life like no other museum, with its unique exhibits of the pre-Columbians and their close relationship and understanding of the universe, and the unknown.


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Carol Mast - 2011-01-13 21:24:52

We were brought to Casa Alabado by our excellent guide, Vinicio Ortiz, and we wished only to have been able to have an entire afternoon there rather than just a few hours. In fact, I have been trying to find a comprehensive collection of images showing the pieces in cases near the end of the normal order of viewing, as we had too little time to see all of them. This is a remarkable collection, and we look forward to being able to return in the future, but oh, how I wish I had been able to stay longer! Thank you to the organizers, designers and collectors who made this art available to the public in such a beautiful setting. Carol Mast, Seattle WA USA

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