Ayahuasca 2010 - Sierra, Quito

Conferences - Sierra - Quito

When: Monday, 16 August 2010
Note: this event may have passed, search for another

Where: Spanish Colonial Hacienda, Quito, Sierra


Ayahuasca workshops have been organised for the month of August, from 16 - 20 August, and again from 23 - 27 August 2010. It is a spiritual adventure for those who are interested in the teachings of Khris Krepcik and Stuart Wilde, and offers mystical experiences and the merging of energies, throughout the four day workshop. Training, lectures and discussions will he hosted, with guest speakers such as Jeff Casper and Tom Lishman, joining Khris Krepcik.

For more information in regard to these workshops, visit the website at thehoodedsage.com/workshops/ayahuasca/.


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