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I just returned from a three and a half week trip to Ecuador. I was able to visit several cities and speak with numerous individuals regarding the current situation in Ecuador. People from low income class are having a hard time with the "dolarizacion". Now that the US Dollar became the official currency, the lower economic class is still thinking in Sucres and comparing current prices using the last conversion rate of 25,000 Sucres per Dollar when purchasing goods. Retailers have rounded up prices to the nearest US Dollar.

The middle class has accepted the change; however, they are making cuts everywhere. Many (mainly low class) have bailed out and migrated to Spain, Italy, and the US. Some are trying to sell their properties to finance their trips. Perhaps they will regret it.

Regarding the situation with foreigners, it's relatively safe. Ecuador is and has been for many years a relatively peaceful country. If you compare it with Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and even Argentina where economic, terrorism, drug trafficking, de facto governments, and civil unrest have wiped out generations, Ecuador is still a safe and good place (for foreigners and Ecuadorians) to live in. Nevertheless, we need to be extremely careful no matter whether we are in Ecuador or in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Actually, we have lost more Americans to terrorist attacks here in our own soil than we have in Ecuador.

There are and there will always be problems in Ecuador. Just look at history and you will see what I mean.


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