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Ecuador Spanish

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Old 27th May 2003, 00:40
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Hey I'm doing a report on Ecuador for my spanish 3 class and one of the things I need is the characteristics of Ecuador Spanish. For instance is it spoken faster than other spanish? Are certian words emphazised more than others?...etc. Any help would be much awesome.

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Old 27th May 2003, 21:12
ecuadorian_capoeirista69 ecuadorian_capoeirista69 is offline
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Ecuador spanish is a more polite type of spanish it even has a fancy name "Castelliano" It's slow but not too slow not to fast either. it is different from that nasty mexican s-hit that you hear in the streets that is just bad spanish. just don't speak in slang like mexicans do and you'll be fine!
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Old 18th December 2003, 21:56
Kickbouncer Kickbouncer is offline
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I have an Ecuador Spanish related question. I am going to Quito in June for 2 weeks and I know no Spanish. Do you have any recommendations on books that would best teach Ecuadorian Spanish? Any advice would be great! Thank You
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Old 6th February 2004, 18:03
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A hint of advice: Just make sure that you learn some spanish ok, because if you do not, taxi cabs, and (if you go) the open markets on the streets-tiendas will rip you off. I am an American who speaks fluent spanish, and I have been to Ecuador 6 times- me and my man have a house in Cuenca, and I am very familiar with the culture, and the language dialect in Guayas-coastal area (provincia), Azogues (provincia) Riobamba, Ambato, Chimborazo-around the Quito area. Be prepared for the reality that Americans get stared at a lot. Make sure you know how to differentiate food dishes when you order food, otherwise you might get something (meat-wise, if you eat meat) that you did not ask for. Buy a mini translator that displays basic phrases that are easy to learn such as "how much does this cost, where is the restroom, nice to meet you, et cetera. Quito is a beautiful city if you get the chance to visit for awhile, just make sure that you get a foundation of phrases learned before you go. If you need anymore questions answered you can ask me- I am quite familiar with Ecuador.
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Old 6th February 2004, 20:39
Kickbouncer Kickbouncer is offline
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Thanks a lot for your info. I am going to be taking some kind of Spanish class with the rest of the people going with me. So Americans get stared at a lot....huh...I never thought about that! Are there not many Americans over there? That's a good idea to get a little Spanish/English book to take. If you think of anything else that may be helpful, feel free to let me know. It's nice to hear from someone who has been there before Thanks again!
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Old 7th May 2004, 18:48
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I'm not sure if you are aware, but you can take Spanish language classes for a week in Quito. There are some flexible programs out that that are very affordable and start any Monday. You should check it out at: http://www.spanishabroad.com. If you have any questions, you can also call the number on the bottom of the website!
Good Luck!
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Old 23rd May 2004, 06:12
Kickbouncer Kickbouncer is offline
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Thank you for the info. I don't think we are going to have time to take any classes once we're there. I just found out that we are going to be given a few lessons from a couple Spanish teachers before we go. There are a few people going that are fluent in Spanish, so that's good I am really excited as it gets closer! Less than 3 weeks away!!!
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