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South Korea's mission at Friday summit: Proving talk with Kim is worth the while

South Korean President Moon Jae-in isn?t taking any chances ahead of his historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Friday. Officials from President Moon?s office have met with their counterparts from across the border three times to coordinate everything from security measures to media coverage. Even thetiming of the handshake between the two leaders has been planned in excruciating detail ? not to mention their symbol-laden dinner menu, featuring Pyongyang?s trademark noodles and an elaborate mousse with a map of the Korean peninsula.

Real ID: what Americans should expect

In response to a 2005 federal law, states are ramping up security measures involved in issuing driver?s licenses and other identification cards. A Real ID can be either an identification card or a driver?s license that meets stepped-up federal standards. It will be needed to access federal facilities, enter nuclear power plants, and board federally regulated commercial aircraft.

Macron?s embrace of Trump, not Trumpism

During his first 15 months in office, President Trump has probably never been treated by members of Congress the way he was this week by French President Emmanuel Macron. ?It?s an honor to call you my friend,? Trump said. The so-called bromance between Macron and Trump stands out in particular because of recent opinion surveys.

Life of first-time candidate: 16-hour days, piles of paperwork ? and enthusiasm

Jessica Morse hurriedly steps out of a bright red car and moves briskly toward the Sierra 2 Center in Sacramento, putting on a tinted lip balm as she walks. Ms. Morse, a first-time congressional candidate for the Fourth District of California, is headed for a meeting of RainbowPAC, a political action committee that supports LGBTQ businesses, whose endorsement she is hoping to secure. It?s a short amount of time, she admits, but Morse is growing accustomed to the fast pace of campaigning.

Combine Flights?