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    Mountain ClimbingEcuador offers some of the best mountain climbing adventures in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, the Andes will be able to provide you with some fantastic adventures. The landscapes are marvelous. Hiking around the giant volcanoes and trekking in the footprints of the Incas is part of every must-do adventure in Ecuador.

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    Health Spas

    Ecuador has a wide selection of spas that specialize in integrating local spa techniques which have been tried, tested and perfected over the years. The numerous spas in Ecuador each offer a diverse list of options ensuring that all visitors are well taken care of, with something to satisfy even the most demanding visitors.

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    Mountain Biking

    Mountain biking in Ecuador is an adventure that all visitors should consider. It is no surprise that it is one of the more popular activities in Ecuador, as it offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore various parts of Ecuador while challenging themselves to an adrenalin-induced adventure. Visitors can choose from mapping out their own routes through a relatively safe Ecuador, ...

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    Kayaking is one of the activities in Ecuador that is not for the weak at heart. Ecuador is a popular destination for kayak and white river rafters and many adrenalin junkies flock to Ecuador for its amazing range of rivers and the different levels of difficulty that can be enjoyed here. It is known that Ecuador has the biggest concentration of rivers and streams and, due to its extremely ...

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    Horseback Riding

    Even if you are not a horse riding enthusiast, the idea of riding a horse across the striking Ecuadorian countryside might appeal to you. For most people, it is the idea of getting the horse to do all the walking for them that appeals the most but the fact is, horse riding takes quite a bit of effort and you can expect to be quite stiff after a few hours of riding – especially if you do not ...

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    Bird Watching

    People all over the world enjoy watching the delightful antics of birds from the comfort of their home. They may take this passion a bit further by visiting local birding sights and spending hours trying to identify the various birds they see from the bird’s shape, coloring and call. Still more enthusiastic bird watchers will travel to different parts of the world, having conquered their own ...

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    Whale Watching

    Whale Watching in Ecuador is not only popular amongst visitors and tourists, but locals find this to be one of the top activities in Ecuador. Thousands flock to the beaches of Ecuador to witness the annual influx of these gracious giants of the deep. Many say that the whales have a passport to Ecuador and each year they entertain thousands with their spectacular water dances, displays of ...

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    There is often no better way to enjoy the natural beauty of a country than to go hiking or trekking. Trekking in Ecuador is a popular activity with visitors who are looking for a new way to discover this beautiful country. The country itself is too big to be easily hiked across but there are many trekking opportunities to be found in each region. Visitors can enjoy varied trekking trails and ...

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    Scuba Diving

    When you mention the word ‘Ecuador’ to people, the first images that often come to their minds are ones of beautiful mountains, pristine forests, ancient ruins and small, rustic villages. Seldom will they think of beautiful beaches and the wondrous marine life that teams within the waters off the coast of this stunning country. Yet Ecuador’s coasts are teaming with sea creatures that are not ...

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    Mountain Climbing

    Ecuador is one of the best destinations for mountain climbing due to the country's idyllic weather conditions and its breathtaking landscapes. Mountain climbing also happens to be one of the most popular activities in Ecuador, since the volcanoes offer visitors the perfect opportunity to exercise their climbing skills while at the same time easily accommodating novice climbers. As long as ...