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  • Oriente (Amazon)


    The town of Macas, Ecuador, was once known as “Sevilla del Ora” which, when translated, means “Golden Seville”. This historical town began its humble beginnings as a Missionary Outpost formed by the Dominican Church shortly after the Spanish conquest in 1533. This thriving centre also became a formidable Spanish trading post during its early stages of its history.

  • Oriente (Amazon)

    Nueva Loja

    Nueva Loja is the official name for Lago Agrio. Loja has a rather sizable population of 26,000 people. The town came into existence largely due to the establishment of oil fields by the Texan oil company Texaco in the area. It was these Texans who saw fit to name the area after 'Sour Lake' in Texas and the name has since stuck. Today Nueva Loja is the primary capital city for the Sucumbios ...

  • Oriente (Amazon)


    Tena is a beautiful town situated near the Amazon forest in Ecuador about five hours from Quito. In the past Tena was known as an important trading post during the colonial era. Today it is still an important commercial center and is also the capital of the Napo Province. Although there is a lot of commercial activity here the native people have continued to keep their local customs and ...

  • Oriente (Amazon)


    If you’re looking for a destination in Ecuador with a difference, Zamora might just be what you had in mind. With only about 16,000 people living in the entire Zamora-Chinchipe province, this is one of the most sparsely populated parts of the country. Zamora is the capital of this southeastern province and has the second highest population in Zamora-Chinchipe. Like many other Ecuadorian ...

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    Ecuador is a country of spectacular natural diversity. From the biological wonder of the Galapagos Islands, to the heights of the Andes Mountains and the intriguing Amazon, Ecuador is a tourist’s paradise. Each destination in Ecuador has its own appeal.