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  • Regions

    Galápagos Islands

    The beautiful, mysterious Galapagos Islands are situated a mere 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian Coast. The island group was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 and subsequently a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985 by UNESCO.The Galapagos Islands flourish with a wide variety of amazing animals and different species. Among the animals found there are the different species of giant ...

  • Protected Areas

    Sumaco Napo Galeras

    The Sumaco-Napo-Galeras National Park is a mid-sized nature reserve that covers an area of approximately 205 249 hectares. Thus it falls into two different provinces – that of Napo and Orellana – and it can be accessed from either side. When looking for it on a map, one will probably notice that the park is situated roughly in the middle of the Ecuadorian Amazon. This means you can expect to ...

  • Protected Areas

    Limoncocha Reserve

    Ecuador is certainly a land with plenty of natural abundance and variety. If you are planning a trip to the country you should make sure that your travel plans include at least one or two tours of some of the country’s great nature reserves. While most people head for the Galapagos National Park, others find that smaller reserves offer more interesting attractions. One reserve you might well ...