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    Performing arts are more developed in some countries than they are in others, and this is certainly true of Ecuador. In the past, more attention would have likely been given to various aspects of live on-stage theatre productions but today the trend is towards film and television acting as it provides more prestige, and success often results in higher salaries. However this does not mean ...

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    Bolivar Theater

    Quito's Bolivar Theater was the brainchild of Cesar and Carlos Mantilla Jacome. These two brothers began a number of developments during the 20th century and Teatro Bolivar, as it is known locally, was one of them. The theater was designed with an air of fantasy and magnificence as a cultural center for the city of Quito. Visitors to the Bolivar Theater over the years have always been ...

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    La Rotonda

    La Rotonda is a historical monument that can be found on the waterfront walkway in Guayaquil. To be more specific it can be found in Cdla. Alborada, on Benjamin Carrión avenue on third street and is open from half past nine to eight in the evening. The monument is in a semicircle shape and was designed by the famous Jose Antonio Homs, a Spanish Sculptor, in 1937 to commemorate this occasion. ...