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    Ecuador supports religious freedom, enabling all to worship and attend any religious institutes that they choose to support. People in Ecuador are primarily Roman Catholic, a religion that was introduced into the country when the Spanish took over. About 94% of the Ecuadorian population can be considered Roman Catholic, although many also belong to other churches like the Evangelists and ...

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    El Sagrario Chapel

    The third largest city in Ecuador is Cuenca where you will see, among many other things, the El Sagrario Chapel. This city’s full name is Santa Ana de los cuatro ríos de Cuenca. It is capital of the Azuay province and is 2500m above sea level. When you enter into this city you will be transported back in history to a time when streets were made from cobblestone and the buildings were painted ...

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    Arco Capilla Rosario

    Though it happened a long time ago, Ecuador still bears the marks of Spanish colonization in a very visible way. The Spanish culture has had a strong influence on the people of this diverse country and this includes various elements of the Roman Catholic faith. Everywhere you go, you will not only hear Spanish being spoken on the lips of almost every citizen of the country, but you will also ...