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    Costa (Coastline)

    Ecuador's coast is a composition of beautiful lush green mangrove forests, a jungle, crystal clear waters, stunning white sandy beaches and many quaint fishing villages. The coastline of Ecuador plays a big role in Ecuador's economy and cuisine, delivering tons of seafood daily and entertaining the many tourists that visit each year.

  • Costa (Coastline)


    At first glance, the small city of Machala doesn't look like much. But its somewhat humble appearance is only the surface of this diverse little city. Not taking the time to explore this busy little commercial center would be a mistake – there is so much more to it than meets the eye!

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Situated on the Pacific coastline, Salinas is considered by many to be the best tourist beach and resort in Ecuador. For many tourists and locals alike, Salinas is the best place to spend a holiday – the beautiful blue ocean and the Salinas beaches are the perfect ingredient for a fun filled vacation. When not in the mood for sunbathing or enjoying the waters of the Pacific, you can enjoy ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    The largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil is a busy river and seaport city in the Costa Region. It is generally considered to be the economic capital of Ecuador and the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of its people give evidence to this fact. Not only is this city located on the coast, but it is also the center of activity for the Lower Guayas Basin – a fertile valley that has a large ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Esmeraldas is located on Ecuador’s northwestern coast and is also called the Green Province. Esmeraldas has a very favorable climate all year round that ranges from about 21 to 25 degrees Celsius. The beaches and the Cayapas-Mataje Ecological Reserve are arguably the main attraction of Esmeraldas.Esmeraldas is also the capital of the province. It is one of Ecuador’s main ports and the ...

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    Guayaquil Country Club

    Not many people think of Ecuador as being a great place to play golf, but people in this country have been enjoying the sport since before the First World War. Of course the sport may not be as wide spread in Ecuador as it is in many other countries, but that does not mean that no one here knows how to swing a golf club. The fact is that there is more than one country club complete with golf ...

  • Costa (Coastline)

    Bahia De Caraquez

    Bahia de Caraquez is one of the more peaceful and ecologically friendly destinations in Ecuador. Looking at the beauty of this coastal resort, it is hard to imagine that it was almost completely destroyed by the earthquakes that it suffered in 1997 and again in 1998. The earthquakes and natural disasters that shook Bahia de Caraquez were a result of the El Niño phenomenon. This eco-city is ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Babahoyo is home to approximately 85 000 residents and is also the capital city to the Los Rios province. The Babahoyo River is formed by the Caracol River and the San Pablo River and even though visiting Babahoyo is guaranteed to be interesting, visitors should be advised that this region has not been developed as a tourist destination in Ecuador. The lifestyle in Babahoyo is extremely ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Atacames can safely be described as one of the most thrilling and exciting destinations in Ecuador. Here it is never too late and never too early for a festive party and many young people flock to this beach resort for the fun and adventure that it provides. On weekends, locals from surrounding cities and towns crowd the streets and take full advantage of the nightlife that has made ...

  • Costa (Coastline)

    Huaquillas Zaruma

    Ecuador is made up of many provinces but the one we will be concentrating on is the El Oro Province. This is a coastal province in the southern part of the country. The capital of the province is a town called Machala, one of fourteen different cantons found here.