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    Every country has historic and cultural treasures and Ecuador certainly isn’t the exception to the rule. The country has had a long and interesting history that extends far further into the past than what most people realize. The indigenous people of Ecuador lived off the land happily for many hundreds of years before the spreading Inca kingdom reached the area and Incan warriors conquered ...

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    Agua Blanca Museum

    The small community of Agua Blanca is a real treasure. Situated near the fishing town of Puerto Lopez in the Manabí province, the settlement is small and the people here truly treasure each other. They live simple lives yet they are immensely happy and the beauty of the area is only amplified by the tall trees of the surrounding Machalilla National Park. Many people come to Agua Blanca to ...

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    Ecuador is a land of mystery, culture and history. Much of the country is wild and rugged and it hides ancient ruins that captivate the imagination and take you on a trip into the past. While the bigger cities are very much focused on the present and the future, one cannot escape the past in the smaller cities and towns. The effect that history has had on these interesting people and their ...

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    Guayaquil Historical Park

    The Guayaquil Historical Park can be found between Esmeraldas and Central Avenue in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The city is one of the biggest and most populous in the country so visitors will find that they will be able to spend at least one whole day exploring the sights and sounds of this city. At the Historical Park you can spend time learning about the city you are visiting: its history, ...

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    Santa Elena Site

    The Santa Elena peninsula, which is located near Guayaquil in Ecuador, was originally known as Sumpa. It is home to the Santa Elena Archaeological Site, which is not only a historically interesting site but a wonderful attraction in Ecuador. Research and archaeological digs started in 1964, with more studies being funded in 1977. It was the 1977 excavation that revealed a pre-ceramic site ...

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    Famous Ecuadorians

    Ecuador is not only a country that is known for its beauty and fascinating culture but it is one that has also produced many famous writers, journalists, painters, photographers and other famous Ecuadorians.

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    As with many countries, Ecuador is a country rich in culture, legends and folklore. Folklore in Ecuador takes on many forms and there is different folklore connected to individual areas, cities and even buildings. Some folklore in Ecuador has inspired festivals while others are dedicated to legends and cultural beliefs.

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    Ecuador is an interesting place filled with history and culture. Long before the arrival of the Spanish and even before the rise of the Incan Empire, it was the home of a number of native Indian tribes. The somewhat meager strongholds of these different chiefdoms were easily overthrown by the powerful Incas when the Incan Empire expanded. However, the mighty Incan Empire was weakened by the ...