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    Costa (Coastline)

    Ecuador's coast is a composition of beautiful lush green mangrove forests, a jungle, crystal clear waters, stunning white sandy beaches and many quaint fishing villages. The coastline of Ecuador plays a big role in Ecuador's economy and cuisine, delivering tons of seafood daily and entertaining the many tourists that visit each year.

  • Costa (Coastline)


    The largest city in Ecuador, Guayaquil is a busy river and seaport city in the Costa Region. It is generally considered to be the economic capital of Ecuador and the thriving entrepreneurial spirit of its people give evidence to this fact. Not only is this city located on the coast, but it is also the center of activity for the Lower Guayas Basin – a fertile valley that has a large ...

  • Culture


    The coastal section and the high Andean basins situated in modern day Ecuador, were populated by Indian tribes when the first Europeans reached the area's Pacific coast in 1526. The Incan Empire extended over the highland area to an area near to Quito. The first Spanish settlement in Ecuador was established in 1534 at Quito on the site of an important Incan town of the same name. Another ...

  • Museums

    Municipal Museum Guayaquil

    The Municipal Museum of Guayaquil gives visitors an overview of the city's development and history. Visitors will find the Guayaquil Municipal Museum at Calle Sucre near the Hotel Continental and between Chile and Pedro Carbo. You can visit this interesting and historical museum from Tuesday to Saturday between 9am and 4pm in the afternoon. On Sunday the times change slightly and visitors ...

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    Guayaquil Historical Park

    The Guayaquil Historical Park can be found between Esmeraldas and Central Avenue in Guayaquil, Ecuador. The city is one of the biggest and most populous in the country so visitors will find that they will be able to spend at least one whole day exploring the sights and sounds of this city. At the Historical Park you can spend time learning about the city you are visiting: its history, ...

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    La Rotonda

    La Rotonda is a historical monument that can be found on the waterfront walkway in Guayaquil. To be more specific it can be found in Cdla. Alborada, on Benjamin Carrión avenue on third street and is open from half past nine to eight in the evening. The monument is in a semicircle shape and was designed by the famous Jose Antonio Homs, a Spanish Sculptor, in 1937 to commemorate this occasion. ...

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    Santa Elena Site

    The Santa Elena peninsula, which is located near Guayaquil in Ecuador, was originally known as Sumpa. It is home to the Santa Elena Archaeological Site, which is not only a historically interesting site but a wonderful attraction in Ecuador. Research and archaeological digs started in 1964, with more studies being funded in 1977. It was the 1977 excavation that revealed a pre-ceramic site ...

  • Courses

    Guayaquil Country Club

    Not many people think of Ecuador as being a great place to play golf, but people in this country have been enjoying the sport since before the First World War. Of course the sport may not be as wide spread in Ecuador as it is in many other countries, but that does not mean that no one here knows how to swing a golf club. The fact is that there is more than one country club complete with golf ...

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    Moorish Clock Tower

    If you choose to visit the beautiful country of Ecuador you will no doubt spend quite a bit of time in the country’s biggest city Guayaquil. Named after the legendary native chief and his wife who preferred to kill themselves rather than surrender to the invading Spaniards, this beautiful town has a rich history and great architecture. In fact it is now often referred to as the ‘Pacific ...

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    Ecuador is a fascinating country filled with natural beauty, an intriguing history, rich cultural heritage and abundant tourist attractions. Bordered by the countries of Peru and Colombia as well as by the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Ecuador boasts a diverse landscape with much to explore. The Pacific coastline or 'La Costa' runs along the western edge of Ecuador, whilst the highlands or ...