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    Lovers Of Sumpa

    The Lovers of Sumpa can be found just a few kilometers southeast of Santa Elena in the peninsula of Sumpa. The remains of the Lovers of Sumpa can be found at the Museum and Cultural Center of the Lovers of Sumpa. However these remains originally came from the archaeological site named Las Vegas. This particular zone is a pre-ceramic settlement that has been successfully excavated to reveal ...

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    Ecuador is a land of mystery, culture and history. Much of the country is wild and rugged and it hides ancient ruins that captivate the imagination and take you on a trip into the past. While the bigger cities are very much focused on the present and the future, one cannot escape the past in the smaller cities and towns. The effect that history has had on these interesting people and their ...

  • Sights

    Metropolitan Cathedral Quito

    Ecuador's city of Quito is well-known for its impressive architectural heritage. Visitors strolling through the city will discover exquisite squares with massive, brilliantly designed structures carefully decorated both outside and in. Amongst the most fascinating buildings are the elaborately designed churches and cathedrals housing exquisite works of art, carved images and golden altars. ...

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    La Rotonda

    La Rotonda is a historical monument that can be found on the waterfront walkway in Guayaquil. To be more specific it can be found in Cdla. Alborada, on Benjamin Carrión avenue on third street and is open from half past nine to eight in the evening. The monument is in a semicircle shape and was designed by the famous Jose Antonio Homs, a Spanish Sculptor, in 1937 to commemorate this occasion. ...

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    Palacio Arzobispal

    Not every country has an archbishop’s palace – a place of residence for the archbishop. With a strong Spanish cultural and religious influence, Ecuador is home to just such a building. The Palacio Arzobispal in Ecuador is certainly no ordinary building and it stands out against other buildings in Quito. This massive construction was built sometime after Pope Paul III ordered that a Diocese ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    There is a small treasure that lies hidden in the province of Manabi - the small city of Manta. This flourishing city has seen rapid expansion in the last fifty years. As a result, it currently has a population of well over 250,000 and it is said to be the fifth most populated province in the country. Manta in Ecuador is the third most important city in Ecuador. It has a thriving industry ...

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    As with many countries, Ecuador is a country rich in culture, legends and folklore. Folklore in Ecuador takes on many forms and there is different folklore connected to individual areas, cities and even buildings. Some folklore in Ecuador has inspired festivals while others are dedicated to legends and cultural beliefs.

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    Ecuador is an interesting place filled with history and culture. Long before the arrival of the Spanish and even before the rise of the Incan Empire, it was the home of a number of native Indian tribes. The somewhat meager strongholds of these different chiefdoms were easily overthrown by the powerful Incas when the Incan Empire expanded. However, the mighty Incan Empire was weakened by the ...