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    The first thing to realize about Ecuadorian culture is that it is not one single culture. Instead it is a whole range of cultures mingled together, representing every level of this very stratified community.Ecuador's official language is Spanish, but Quichua - an Incan language - is spoken by the Indian population. Besides Spanish, ten native languages are spoken in Ecuador. English ...

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    Ecuador enjoys a wonderfully diverse population. The largest ethnic group is made up of Mestizos while Amerindians are the second largest. The remaining ten percent of the population is a mixture of criollos and Afro-Ecuadorians. When one considers just how diverse the population of this South American country is, it is amazing that they have chosen only Spanish as their official language. ...

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    Proverbs are statements that either reflect on an action, the future, the past, or are used to interpret a situation. Most of the time no-one knows who wrote the proverb, where it originated or what its intended meaning was; but what we do know is that proverbs are used in every language and in every country around the world. When looking at Ecuadorian Proverbs, many seem to originate from ...