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    Ecuador's official language is Spanish, but Quichua, an Inca language, is spoken by the Indian population. Besides Spanish, ten native languages are spoken in Ecuador. English is the most spoken foreign language amongst tourist providers and professionals.

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    The television industry in Ecuador is quite well established and many of the programs they air are produced locally. There are at least four national television networks and all offer quality programs on a daily basis. Of course, the national language is Spanish so don’t expect too understand too much of it if you do not speak the language. There are also, however a few programs run in ...

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    Museo De La Ciudad

    Located in the exquisite city of Quito is the Museo de la Ciudad, the city museum. Perfectly complementing the historical hub of Quito in which it is found, the museum has a truly impressive collection with a variety of exhibitions. Exhibits span the time period from the pre-Columbian era right up to today. Ecuador's Museo de la Ciudad explores everyday life in this fascinating city. The ...

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    Education in Ecuador is a subject that has been debated and improved dramatically over the years. The greatest concern, however, is still the education of the children located in rural areas and authorities are working hard to promote a bilingual education system. There are many Spanish schools in Ecuador as this is the most predominant language. However in the interest of development, ...