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    Ecuador is home to a number of cultures, including the Mestizo culture and a unique blend of Afro-Ecuadorian culture. Afro-Ecuadorians are the descendants of African slaves who worked on the coastal sugar plantations in the sixteenth century. The Afro-Ecuadorians that are present in Ecuador today are famous for their marimba music as well as their many music and dance festivals. Long before ...

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    CarnivalCarnival in Ecuador is celebrated in February or March each year and ends on Ash Wednesday. Ecuador has a very unique way of celebrating their carnival: they celebrate it by throwing water balloons, bags filled with flour, water weapons and anything that may make others look messy. Most people don't seem to like it but the children and teenagers love it. These water weapons and ...

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    Each region in Ecuador has at least one radio station. They are all unique, each one broadcasting something different. Most of them have news and sport every hour on the hour. They also usually broadcast the top hit songs together with other Latino, Jazz, Oldies and Rock songs.

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    Bolivar Theater

    Quito's Bolivar Theater was the brainchild of Cesar and Carlos Mantilla Jacome. These two brothers began a number of developments during the 20th century and Teatro Bolivar, as it is known locally, was one of them. The theater was designed with an air of fantasy and magnificence as a cultural center for the city of Quito. Visitors to the Bolivar Theater over the years have always been ...

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    Patio De Comedias

    The Patio de Comedias was established roughly 21 years ago when Raul Guarderas got together with a number of friends and ex-members of the Independent Theatre and decided to release a theatrical play called ‘In the Empty Eyes of People’ by Francisco Tobar. It was to be directed by Guillermo Tobar and originally the actors started practicing in a room in the Guarderas family home in the city ...

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    The city of Loja is one of the oldest cities in Ecuador and was established in its current location on 8 December 1548. Today, its streets and architecture remind visitors of its 500 year-old past and the fact that Loja was a pioneering city. It was the first city that made use of electricity in Ecuador - something that was quite an achievement in 1897. It went on to grow as any city ...