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    Plaza De San Francisco

    In the city of Quito you will find the cobbled Plaza de San Francisco - one of the oldest and most beautiful sights there are in the city. Behind it towers the striking white Monastery of San Francisco. For a long time the Plaza was a location where many native people would come to engage in trade. Today you can take a seat at one of the cafés located here and watch the many tourists and ...

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    Arco Capilla Rosario

    Though it happened a long time ago, Ecuador still bears the marks of Spanish colonization in a very visible way. The Spanish culture has had a strong influence on the people of this diverse country and this includes various elements of the Roman Catholic faith. Everywhere you go, you will not only hear Spanish being spoken on the lips of almost every citizen of the country, but you will also ...

  • Sierra (Andes)


    For many, no trip to any country in South America is quite complete until they have visited a traditional market where they can barter and trade to their heart’s content. Ecuador is home to a number of great indigenous markets where people from small satellite villages gather together on a regular basis to sell their crafts and trades and to purchase new supplies. Supporting such a market ...