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  • Museums

    Museo De La Ciudad

    Located in the exquisite city of Quito is the Museo de la Ciudad, the city museum. Perfectly complementing the historical hub of Quito in which it is found, the museum has a truly impressive collection with a variety of exhibitions. Exhibits span the time period from the pre-Columbian era right up to today. Ecuador's Museo de la Ciudad explores everyday life in this fascinating city. The ...

  • Museums

    Banco Central

    The amazing Central Bank Museum or Museo Nacional del Banco Central del Ecuador is situated in the city of Quito. This massive institution is filled with exciting discoveries and features. Even if you don't go to any other museums in Ecuador, the Banco Central Museum is a definite must. The stunning museum combines archaeological finds, cultural items and top technology - all for the ...

  • Art Galleries

    Colonial Art Museum

    Quito was established on 6 December 1534 in an area that is surrounded by breathtaking mountain ranges, green landscapes, a picturesque valley and forests that are thick and filled with bird song. It is an inspiring location and it is not surprising that the art galleries and art museums reflect the surrounding beauty. Quito is home to many popular attractions in Ecuador as well as the ...

  • Sights

    La Merced Church

    The fine La Merced Church or the Church of Mercy is situated in the historical neighborhood of Quito. Entrance to the church is free. Both the architectural design and the contents of the Church of La Merced are fascinating and sure to impress you.

  • Theaters

    Bolivar Theater

    Quito's Bolivar Theater was the brainchild of Cesar and Carlos Mantilla Jacome. These two brothers began a number of developments during the 20th century and Teatro Bolivar, as it is known locally, was one of them. The theater was designed with an air of fantasy and magnificence as a cultural center for the city of Quito. Visitors to the Bolivar Theater over the years have always been ...

  • Sights

    Palacio De Gobierno

    In Quito you will discover the Palacio del Gobierno or, as it is known in English, the Presidential Palace. The actual building was originally built in 1650 in a neoclassical style and it served as the governor's office. In 1920 the Palace burnt down, only to be quickly re-built. The new building was designed by a collaboration of architects, so you may notice that a number of distinctive ...

  • Sights

    Carondelet Palace

    Quito is a marvelous Ecuadorian city filled with historical treasures, cultural wonders and major architectural feats. From religious to secular structures, visitors to the city are frequently struck by the sheer magnificence of many of its buildings. One such historical building is the Palace Carondelet located on the streets of Chile and Garcia Moreno. Today it still stands proudly as the ...

  • Sights

    Plaza De San Francisco

    In the city of Quito you will find the cobbled Plaza de San Francisco - one of the oldest and most beautiful sights there are in the city. Behind it towers the striking white Monastery of San Francisco. For a long time the Plaza was a location where many native people would come to engage in trade. Today you can take a seat at one of the cafés located here and watch the many tourists and ...

  • Sights

    Mitad Del Mundo

    Mitad del Mundo means "The Equator". Even though the equator runs through many cities around the world, Quito has become famous for it. Mitad de Mundo consists of one dominant monument, smaller monuments that lead up to it, a small village that has been constructed around the equator site and a quaint museum. It is a truly fascinating and exciting attraction in Ecuador and is located just ...

  • Sights

    Metropolitan Cathedral Quito

    Ecuador's city of Quito is well-known for its impressive architectural heritage. Visitors strolling through the city will discover exquisite squares with massive, brilliantly designed structures carefully decorated both outside and in. Amongst the most fascinating buildings are the elaborately designed churches and cathedrals housing exquisite works of art, carved images and golden altars. ...