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  • Protected Areas

    Machalilla National Park

    Machililla National Park can be found on the western side of Ecuador along the coastline, making the 60,000-hectare coastal park one of three that can be found in Ecuador. Of this 60,000-hectares, 20,000 hectares is made up of ocean and incorporates many islands, like Isla Salango and Los Frailes beach line. These islands are important feeding areas for many bird species, like frigate birds, ...

  • Activities

    Whale Watching

    Whale Watching in Ecuador is not only popular amongst visitors and tourists, but locals find this to be one of the top activities in Ecuador. Thousands flock to the beaches of Ecuador to witness the annual influx of these gracious giants of the deep. Many say that the whales have a passport to Ecuador and each year they entertain thousands with their spectacular water dances, displays of ...