Jahua Pacha - Ecuador Homes - Cotacachi Casas

El Conjunto Habitacional Jahua Pacha, es una urbanización nueva integrada por casonas campestres de lujo. Estamos localizados en la parroquia El Sagrario del cantón Cotacachi, en la provincia de Imbabiura, a tan solo 90 minutos de Quito, la bella capital del Ecuador. Getting here is easy. Ecuador, the country is in the center of the world, has an excellent airport infrastructure. Once in Quito, the trip is safe and pleasant through the vast Panamerican Highway, which runs through charming scenery, as the volcano Cayambe and the calm waters of Lake San Pablo. Culture is also nearby and its best is the Indian market of Otavalo, one of the most important tourist attractions of the country.


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