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Monkey Papa in El Paseo de los Monos, Puyo, Ecuador [00:25]
Paseo Los Monos is a rescue centre for orphaned or mistreated animals based near Puyo, central Ecuador. Volunteers are needed to help building new cages, guiding tourists, watching the babies and special needs monkeys, feeding the animals, creating and building games.

Laguna de Cuicocha, Otavalo, Ecuador [00:33]
Cuicocha (kucha = lake) is a 3 km wide caldera and crater lake at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano in the Cordillera Occidental of the Ecuadorian Andes. Its name comes from the Kichwa indigenous language and means "Lago del Cuy" or Guinea Pig Laguna in English. It was given this name due to the guinea pig shape of the largest Island in the middle of the laguna. These animals play a significant part in the everyday life of Ecuadorians, as they reproduces rapidly and need a minimum of food and care to survive. They make for a high protein meal especially for populations living in high altitude. The caldera was created by a massive phreatic eruption about 3100 years ago that generated about 5 cubic kilometres (6.54 billion cubic yards) of pyroclastic flow and covered the surrounding area in volcanic ash up to 20 cm (8 inches) deep. The volcano has been dormant since that time. In combination with other eruptions from nearby Imbabura, Mojanda, Cotacachi, and Cayambe, Cuicocha is responsible for the fertile soil of the Otavalo valley. The Cuicocha Lake, a crater lake within the Cuicocha caldera contains four dacitic lava domes which form two steep forested islands: Yerovi, the smaller, and Teodoro Wolf, the larger. People are prohibited on both. The rim of the caldera is extremely steep — so steep, in fact, that the accumulation of sediment is insufficient for most hydrophyte vegetation. An older lava dome from the Pleistocene forms part of the eastern rim. The lake, which is 200 ...

Departures S3E7 : Ecuador [46:13]
The guys' adventure begins by zip lining across jungle canopy, rappelling down waterfalls and bungee jumping off a city bridge. They dive with sharks off the Galapagos Islands, and realize the human impact on animals there. On the mainland, they stumble upon the Intiraymi festival, where celebrations are contrasted by near-riots between conflicting tribes. Next, they venture into the Amazon to find the Hourani tribe, and arrive the day of the Chief's father's funeral. Attending the ceremony, they learn how the tribes are fighting to keep their traditions alive and protect their land.

Galapagos Islands 2012 [13:05]
Galapagos Islands (Isla D Galapagos located 900 km off the coast of Ecuador is a land lost in time and natures mysteries of evolution. From Giant Tortoises, Lava tubes, Iguanas and several endemic avian and marine animals its truly a sight o behold. No where else in the world you get to dive with 12 m plus Whale Sharks, Mola Mola, Orcas, Pilot Whales around Darwin or a squadron of swooping Eagle Rays. Playful Sea Lions buzz you with their high speed and Marine Iguanas ignore you as they feed on algae underwater. The cold water teeming with life is not for the faint of the heart, but the nutrient rich currents bring life as you never seen before....

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