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dic2bodaM&M [10:05]
Wedding in Manta Ecuador...Lots of music...From Mariachis to live bands... Lots of fun! Lots of Dancing! Latina Style!

Ecuador - small country, rich culture. [08:54]
This Annual fiesta takes place in a city of Saquisilí and includes a coloreful parade, parformances of local bands, as well as bull fighting. Autentic costumes, typical food of Cotopaxi region of Ecuador and endles dancing on the town main scuare.
Tags: carnival, fiesta, tourism, Travel, Culture, Events, Ecuador, Destination, Saquisili, parade, costume, Cotopaxi, autentic, dancing, music, Adventure

Easter Sunday San Blas Parade 4 - Cuenca, Ecuador [01:28]
April 8, 2012 This is an Easter parade in the rain coming from San Blas church heading towards Parque Calderon and the Immaculate Conception cathedral, in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Tags: Ecuador dancers bands music

Roy Llera Photographers in Miami presents a Quito, Ecudador Wedding [04:00]
Miami Wedding Photographers for Diana and Nicholas Photographed by Stella Hernandez and Cristobal Herrera for Roy Llera Photographers in Miami. Although I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to photograph all my brides and grooms on their big day, I felt twice as fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to Quito, Ecuador for Diana and Nick's fairy tale wedding! Cristobal and I spent a few days in Quito, taking in the beautiful landscapes, the genuinely nice people, and a very different culture, really getting into the mood of this unique wedding. What's unique about this experience was that we were able to be intimate with the families before the actual wedding, which we don't usually get to do until the wedding day. We spent days before even a day of travel afterwards with her family and so the wedding day itself felt like a family affair to even us! For both Diana and Nick, this was a very intimate affair and letting loose was the plan. The party was over the top and every detail was paid close attention to. The food was spectacular and the variety of bands she had playing her wedding never gave anyone a chance to sit! From top to bottom, this was one of those weddings I will never forget and one of the couples I hope to never lose touch with! In fact, we learned that they are expecting a baby and we hope to be a part of that new chapter in their lives. ~ Stella Hernandez
Tags: Miami Wedding, Miami Wedding Photography, Roy Llera Photographers, Quito Ecuador Wedding

A day in Girón (Cuenca, Ecuador) New Video! [03:21]
•ENGLISH Hello folks, Girón is a town located to the southeast of Cuenca City. You get there by traveling about 2 hours by car. In this video, you'll hear a traditional song played by a local band commonly known as "Banda de Pueblo". If you ever visit Ecuador, you'll find these types of bands mostly in the Andean part of my country. Also, in this video, you will see a well-known tourist attraction of Girón which is a small waterfall called "El Chorro". The afternoons in this site are little cold, and for that reason I would suggest you to take a cup of coffe and relax yourself while you start hearing some nocturnal insects. I would be delighted to guide you through this Andean spot, if you are interested, send me an e-mail for more information. •ESPANOL Saludos a todos mis coterráneos e hispanohablantes alrededor del mundo. Este es un video que fue filmado en Girón de un paseo familiar. Aquí escucharas la típica música de pueblo y veras el conocido chorro de Girón. Ofrezco filmar tus eventos sociales en Cuenca y sus alrededores. Para más información aquí esta mi correo electrónico: Edgar A. Puma Nexus Visual Works
Tags: giron, culture, tradition, cuenca, ecuador, people, music, tour guide, town, adventure, custom, tourism, nature, destination, fiesta, travel, events

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