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Day Trip to Artisan Villages near Cuenca, Ecuador [08:59]
Small towns all around Ecuador offer artisan crafts, each village specializing in one or two products. In the mountains around Cuenca in southern Ecuador, it is possible to visit three of these villages on a day trip. Musicians from the world over make their way to the village of San Bartolome to buy the beautiful handmade guitars with unique inlay designs made by Jose Uyaguari. Chordeleg, where the residents still mine silver in the surrounding hills, is famous for its meticulously hand-crafted filigree silver jewelry, as well as miniature ceramic folkloric figurines, handmade from special clay sourced from the jungle. And Gualaceo is home to one of very few weavers who make gorgeous shawls and scarves from sheep's wool on traditional wooden looms. To read more about my round-the-world travels, visit my blog,
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Otavalo, Ecuador: A Different Kind of High School [26:05]
I visited this High School intending to buy compost for my garden. I was so impressed by what I saw that I had to document what the Colegio Tecnico Agropecuario of Otavalo is doing. Students follow a typical ciriculum but they also recieve a hands on education dedicated to rural micro industries. Just another reason why Otavalo is such a special, unique town.
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Otavalo, Ecuador: Portraits by Orbe [02:09]
We met the artist Carlos Orbe 28 years ago in San Antonio de Ibarra. In the back of his studio he had piles of his "l*ngo" portraits (as he called them) which were just sitting forgotten in a corner. We bought them all and continued to buy whatever portraits of the Indigenous people he painted. Orbe went blind in his 60s and 8 years later regained his sight after an operation. He passed away several years ago. Rest in Peace, Maestro Orbe.
Tags: Otavalo, Ecuador, otavalovideos

Ahi Tuna Sashimi in Montañita, Ecuador [02:03]
Want fresh ahi tuna in Montañita, Ecuador? You just find the guy on the ahi tuna bicycle, buy a half fish for $3, then filet it yourself, buy some limes and eat it. Done.
Tags: fish, tuna, sashimi, ahi, Montañita, ecuador, sushi

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