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EcuadorShop [00:35]
List of products, intro. A quick preview of our main products, showing the best sellers and categories where you can buy almost everything that Ecuador exports.
Tags: ecuador, ecuadorshop, ecuador shop, shop ecuador, tagua, masapan, cuero, leather, tourism, otavalo, cotacachi, ibarra, quito, amazonas

Buying Fruit in Quito [01:12]
Quito Marketplace
Tags: Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador: Buying Local Treats in Ibarra [00:40] In this video, International Living editor, Glynna Prentice, visits a sweet stall in Ibarra, Ecuador. Ibarra is located about three hours north of Quito. Here amongst the hustle of the market is a sweet stall, managed by an elderly lady running her stand. The stall is situated just across from the main square and passersby can stop and treat themselves to local candy such as peanut and honey nougat, fresh berry cordials and colorful fruit pastes. The stall is no doubt a rare delight if you're one with a sweet tooth like Glynna, (who opts for the red guava paste cut in squares and dipped in sugar) and its warm vibrant colors and luring sugary scent most definitely guarantees a feast for the senses. This area of Ecuador is very fertile so fruit trees and other produce are plentiful, therefore making it possible for locals like this lady with the sweet stall, to sell such an array of delightful treats... Learn more about Ecuador and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. Sign up for IL's free daily postcard here: and we'll send you a FREE REPORT: Ecuador: Live Like Royalty on Half Your Social Security.
Tags: Ibarra, Ecuador, food

Ecuador: Buy Your Silver in This Town [00:38] In this video, IL postcards editor, Len Galvin is in the main square of Chordeleg, Ecuador's "silver town", where you'll find most of the little stores selling silver jewelry. Chordeleg is one of Ecuador's "guild villages," a system inherited from Spain that means each town or village specializes in a craft. Chordeleg (about 25 miles from Cuenca) is the village of the silversmiths. Learn more about Ecuador and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. Sign up for IL's free daily postcard here: and we'll send you a FREE REPORT: Ecuador: Live Like Royalty on Half Your Social Security.
Tags: Ecuador, silver, town

"Guayaquil - (that's whay-a-kill, canny lad)" Terryback's photos around Guayaquil, Ecuador [00:56]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Guayaquil, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Terryback titled "Guayaquil - (that's whay-a-kill, canny lad)" Terryback's travel blog entry: "So, Wednesday morning, we're at sea level with Jane still dizzy and wobbly but thankfully not nauseous. We flew to Guayaquil in Ecuador, a place that sounded like it had been discovered by Geordie explorers. The flight, our last on LAN, was on a half-full brand-new Boeing 767, with full entertainment. I started to watch the Golden Compass. I knew the film was two hours long and the flight only one and a half, but I was strangely drawn to it....idiot. I'll have to buy the DVD now. We were met at Guayaquil by our guide William (William, Oliver....they all sound a bit Surrey really. Can't wait to meet Nigel at our next stop). He gave us a quick run down of the city (safe, great river front walk, better than Quito...errr - that's it) then dropped us at the hotel. We were due to meet him the next day for a city tour. We had a long walk that afternoon. The town was really buzzy and typically South American. Manic drivers, taking no prisoners; haughty pedestrians showing no fear and refusing to acknowledge the cars. On every street corner there were old ladies and urchins selling coca cola in plastic cups from 2 litre bottles for 5c. (is that too Dickensian, urchins? Lummee governor, errr, senor, you're a real toff, thankee). Jane points out that there were also lots of smart young men selling ...
Tags: prisoners guayaquil 2008, fondue guayaquil, hotel hilton colla guayaquil, whay, guayaquil ecuador, guayaquil, that's, whay-a-kill, canny, lad, ecuador, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacation, photos

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