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Cotopaxi volcano downhill, Ecuador. [09:16]
My first proper video edit and first video from my trip through Central & South America. Turn HD ON. Riding through Cotopaxi national park in Ecuador with Biking Dutchmen. One of the biggest active volcanos in the country. Soundtrack: Zion I - Human Being Kendrick Lamar - MAAD City Nina Simone - Feeling Good Lana del Rey - National Anthem

Video AA (ingls).flv [07:50]
Andes and Amazon Video - Andes and Amazon Tour of Ecuador The Ideal Complementary tour to your Galapagos Cruise Three exclusive and sustainable tourism operations have joined forces to offer you the unrivalled diversity of Ecuador in as few as 4 days! Termas de Papallacta SPA & Resort, Cotococha Amazon Lodge and Luna Runtun, The Adventure SPA have designed fully escorted packages showing you the best of Ecuador, the ideal complement for any visit to Ecuador or Galapagos! What makes us unique? What makes us unique? We are all fully committed to the highest safety standards, to the sustainability of our fragile eco-systems through environmental conservation (being all certified by Rainforest Alliance and Smart Voyager) and to satisfy our clients entirely with our excellency in service! Be Amazed With Ecuador's diversity on our amazing Andean & Amazonian odyssey!
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Cotopaxi Volcano [00:32]
Diego talks about the most dangerous volcano in Ecuador.
Tags: Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi Volcano Hike & Mountain Biking - Cotopaxi, Ecuador (map of cotopaxi national park) [01:48]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Cotopaxi, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Jamieferry. See this TripWow and more at Cotopaxi Volcano Hike & Mountain Biking "6/22/2010 Time: 11:00 pm Location: Cotopaxi (2 hours south of Quito) Today, I went hiking up the highest active volcano (5987 meters) in Ecuador and then rode a mountain bike back down. The volcano is located on the "Avenue of the Volcanoes" that spans the middle of the Andes Mountains. I also got settled in to the hosteria Papagayo. (A hosteria is like a lower budget hotel, but more extravagant than a hostal). Highlights: * Cotopaxi National Park Museum -- Small museum with interesting facts about the volcano and local wildlife. Condors are found here and can be very big in size! * Hike up Cotopaxi Volcano -- This was great. You could feel the effect of the altitude (less oxygen) on your physical body. The cold and wind didn't bother me at all. And we ate chocolate for energy! We hiked up to a refuge. Good times and amazing views! * Mountain biking down Cotopaxi Volcano -- Watch out for rocks on the dirt road and push the speed as much as you can! Fantastic...except the brakes on the bikes weren't so good! But I have lived to tell about it. * Hosteria Papagayo -- A nice place to stay about two hours south of Quito and not to far from the Cotopaxi volcano. * People I met: Did Cotopaxi hike & mountain bike tour with: - Sorren Berggreentoft. Denmark. - Dean, Andrew, & Jane Meyer ...
Tags: cotopaxi hike and bike, ecuador forum hikking, cycling down cotopaxi, cotopaxi hike, biking cotopaxi, mountains near the cotopaxi, cotopaxi volcano fun facts, mountain bike cotopaxi banos, cotopaxi national park, cotopaxi volcano, cotopaxi, park cotopaxi

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