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Dangerous Roads: Ecuador to Colombia - Cali, Colombia [01:28]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Cali, Colombia by TravelPod blogger Kimsworld. See this TripWow and more at Dangerous Roads: Ecuador to Colombia We left Quito bound for the Colombian border at 7:30am in an attempt to get to a hostel in Colombia before nightfall. We decided against the advice from our hostel in Quito, who had informed us that the border (and travel through the south of Colombia)at night was “completely safe”. “Yeah just cross over at night you'll be fine, Colombia is completely safe” was the advice from John the American at Hostel Revolution in Quito. One word... Idiot. Getting into Colombia from Ecuador by land is not as simple as other border crossings we've had in South America. There's no bus to take you over the border and wait for you at immigration (well not currently anyway) so you need to do your research... and not take any advice from John the American who would have had us kidnapped by Guerrillas. We jumped a bus from the north terminal in Quito with another guy from our hostel, and drove 5 hours north to a town called Tulcan. From there we took a taxi for the 10 minute drive to the Ecuadorian border, and got our exit stamp from Ecuador. Waiting in queue on the Colombian side of the border I ran my hand over the cover of my Australian passport and looked at it in more detail. The emblem on the front seems to have vanished altogether, leaving a small navy blue book that really ...
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Vilcabamba - the valley of longevity - Vilcabamba, Ecuador [02:39]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Vilcabamba, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Els_and_peter. See this TripWow and more at Vilcabamba - the valley of longevity (no excruciating title this time!) Els writes: On Friday, 22nd January we embarked on the five hour bus ride south from Cuenca to Loja. We went through gorgeous, mostly agricultural, yet mountainous scenery. Ecuador is the first country we have been to where agriculture is practised almost everywhere. It is also the only country I know of that is completely self sufficient as far as food is concerned, so much of what we ate was produced locally and therefore very fresh. Because of the variation in altitude they can grow almost anything. Even pretty steep mountain slopes are farmed, or grazed by cows, sheep, horses, or donkeys, none of whom seem to have any problems getting about. Outside towns most people have a little plot called a 'huerto' where they grow their own food and perhaps keep a few chickens and even a cow or two. It is not unusual to see cows happily grazing the verges alongside major roads, an excellent idea that I think should be adopted in Europe too. But unlike Guyana where all livestock roams around freely and emergency stops for a cow or chicken are frequently needed, here they are always safely tied to a rope. Like all the long distance buses we have been on, this one functioned as local transport too, but less intensively than during our ill-fated visit to ...
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Amazon jungle....Get me outta here?? - Tena, Ecuador [01:36]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Tena, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Redbikini. See this TripWow and more at Amazon jungle....Get me outta here?? The Amazon stretches out before us wild and vast beckoning us into the jungle. We look ridiculous clad head to foot in drab safari shirts, big hats and long trousers tucked into our socks. Sven is the only one who can pull off a stylish outfit...Tushi has a more interesting drapey look. Our guide Fausto steps off the dug out canoe in bright coloured shorts, T-shirt and a blue cap. He looks relaxed. We are stiflingly hot...On the water there is a cool breeze as the boat cuts along the river...surprisingly quickly whipping up a constant spray which amazingly always misses us...We pass fancy looking establishments for tourists with neat decks and hammocks ...we arrive at Anaconda lodge which at first glimpse looks like a ramshackle collection of huts . On closer inspection i realise it is indeed a ramshackle collection of huts dotted around one large open wooden deck eating area ...bare except for a couple of tables and benches and a small bar. . Each room has a couple of candles, there is no electricity, the mosquito nets are pitted with holes and the bathroom shower drips a just off col trickle of water. Invisible Sand flies wait in hiding to bite us on the short walk from the huts to the dining area so we spray liberally with deet altho moisturizers would be as effective as they prevent the ...
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Ecuador: Puerto Lopez; hostal Mandala, beautiful hostal on the beach [00:36]
the (very good) restaurant of Mandala hostal.
Tags: ecuador;, puerto, lopez;, mandala

Up the Rivers [04:16]
Ecuador Amazonia September 2010
Tags: Ecuador; Jungle

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