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Make Friends 用友誼之手環抱世界_桃源國中_ Taiwan&Ecuador [04:01]
2012年台灣關渡國小和桃源國中的小朋友們,和遠在地球另一邊的厄瓜多山脊之花學校的小朋友,用信件和影片串起了友情。這是由桃源國中學生所拍攝的影片。來看看他們怎麼介紹我們的寶島/美食還有未來無可限量的自己吧~想不到片尾的「對妳愛愛愛愛不完」整個迷倒厄瓜多小美女了~ Students fromTaoyuan Junior High School present Taiwan Formosa, delicious food and those youths with bright future. Don't miss the song at the end, as the Ecuador beauty just fall in love with this song for your sweet presentation.

Arriendo departamento en Tonsupa, playa tropical de Esmeraldas Ecuador [04:52]
Arriendo casa en Tonsupa, playa tropical en la Costa de Esmeraldas, hermoso departamento
Tags: Turismo, Ecuador, Rural, Relax, playa, tonsupa, Fish, departamento, Bay, Atacames, Fish (food), Juveniles

Chimbaloma Finca Casa [04:30]
Chimbaloma is above Otavalo, Ecuador. South America´s largest artesano market. Daily fruit and vegetable vendors line the streets. On Saturday´s, fifteen blocks of vendors of all kinds. The famous poncho market attracts travelers worldwide. Affordable incredible varieties of vegetables, fruits, breads, and all else imagineable keeps food bills low. Relaxed. $5 electric, $10 every three months H20 are the bills. The institutions of control do not exist here. No stress. Our palace looks west on Mt. Imbabura(15100ft). Mt. Cotacachi(4944) is east. Various dormant volcanoes, elevations above 12000ft, fill the horizon. This is paradise. Six bedrooms are currently unused. Ten total. An open canvas if you are an artist, builder, or farmer. Neighbors are farmers. Families of old(most don´t speak Spanish, they speak Quechua), young and all their animals. Cows, llamas, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs, horses, burros, dogs, chickens, birds, cats surround. This is not an ex-pat community. This is the real deal with folks whom work and live on the land. Located above the Peguche waterfall, a sacred Incan site, the waters flowing from Lago San Pablo. Agato is the closest to Chimbaloma with internet, small tiendas, soccer fields, and farms. I´ve never seen a cop, cop car, or fascist official here. The communidad takes care of it´s own problems. It´s own people. Very refeshing knowing the state of military control systemic in the western world currently. We travel around Ecuador, Colombia ...
Tags: Otavalo Ecuador, che guevara, gregory collett, loni workman, magicalwonderlandcarnivalco, south american film, Mt. Imbabura, Lago San Pablo, viajeride, Otavalo Holiday

Native market in Banos, Ecuador. [00:28]
Fruit and vegetable native market in Banos, Ecuador - variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.
Tags: Ecuador (Country), Banos, market, native, fruit, vegetables, Food, organic, clolorful

00031 Guinea Pig Rotisserie [00:30]
Turns out they eat guinea pigs in Ecuador. It's called "cuy" in Spanish.
Tags: comer, cuy, guinea, pig, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Peru, comida, tipica, local, exotic, food, rotisserie, roasting

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