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Ecuador - small country, rich culture. [08:54]
This Annual fiesta takes place in a city of Saquisilí and includes a coloreful parade, parformances of local bands, as well as bull fighting. Autentic costumes, typical food of Cotopaxi region of Ecuador and endles dancing on the town main scuare.
Tags: carnival, fiesta, tourism, Travel, Culture, Events, Ecuador, Destination, Saquisili, parade, costume, Cotopaxi, autentic, dancing, music, Adventure

Cuenca, Ecuador Trip 2011 [01:49]
Just a few snippets of my trip. Didn't really plan to do anything with the video I recorded but anyways here it is!
Tags: Cuenca, Trip, New, York, Plane, Flight, 2011, Cuy, Matador, Ecuador, Ahi, Yummy, Food

Eating a Guinea Pig in Ecuador [00:36]
In Cuenca, Ecuador Alexplorer finds himself trying one of the local delicacies of the region called Cuy, or in English 'Guinea Pig'. If you have ever had a pet Guinea Pig you may not want to watch this.
Tags: Ecuador, Guinea Pig, Eating Cuy, Eating Gross Food, Cuenca, South America

Roasting Coffee in a Traditional Ceramic Oven [00:27]
I learn how to roast local coffee at Pomarrosa, an organic finka in the jungle of Machalilla National Park in Ecuador.
Tags: Coffee (Industry), Cafe, Oven (Culinary Tool), Roasting (Culinary Technique), Food, Ecuador, Pomarrosa, jungle

MELT YOUR HEART with the children of Ecuador. The parade on Christmas Eve in Cuenca, Ecuador is world famous, both for its pageantry, beauty, and length. The parade lasts about eight hours and it has some of the most colorful costumes, animals, horses decorated with food, dancing troupes, and many tributes to the baby Jesus on his birthday. The children are a huge part of the parade and are mesmerizing, so well behaved and so beautiful, as only children can be. The length of the parade took its toll on many of them, some even falling asleep in the saddle. I took 890 photos this date so you will get to see a few of these. I also have 39 videos of the dance troupes that I have also uploaded to YouTube starting with This work is derived from photographs taken December 24/11 at Cuenca, Ecuador, South America. I do hope you enjoy my work. Comments are graciously accepted. You may see more artwork for sale at
Tags: Al Bourassa, Canadian, photographer, souvenir photo studio, Cuenca, Ecuador, beauty, South America, Spanish, city, colonial, kids, child, children, sweet, sweetness, innocence, behavior, polite, special, parade, Christmas, eve, feliz navidad, baby, jesus,

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