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Latijns Amerika - Ecuador en Galapagos - Fam Frusch [01:51]
Klantervaring ExperienceTravel Ecuador en Galapagos

Vamos! Ecuador (3): Galapagos [13:31]
Deel 3 van een videofilm van een reis door Ecuador en de Galapagosarchipel. De oorspronkelijke Hi8 opnemen werden gedigitaliseerd en opnieuw gemonteerd.

Marine Iguanas and Sea Lions in the Galapagos [05:21]
This was filmed on Isla Santiago in the Galapagos Ecuador

Ecuador & Galapagos [06:42]
Ecuador & Galapagos Reportage by Cristina De Paoli

Galapagos Islands 2012 [13:05]
Galapagos Islands (Isla D Galapagos located 900 km off the coast of Ecuador is a land lost in time and natures mysteries of evolution. From Giant Tortoises, Lava tubes, Iguanas and several endemic avian and marine animals its truly a sight o behold. No where else in the world you get to dive with 12 m plus Whale Sharks, Mola Mola, Orcas, Pilot Whales around Darwin or a squadron of swooping Eagle Rays. Playful Sea Lions buzz you with their high speed and Marine Iguanas ignore you as they feed on algae underwater. The cold water teeming with life is not for the faint of the heart, but the nutrient rich currents bring life as you never seen before....

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