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Back on the continent - Guayaquil, Ecuador ( guayaquil; ecuador; chapel; hill) [02:37]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Guayaquil, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Peacefrog. See this TripWow and more at Back on the continent "I landed in Guayaquil on monday afternoon, and directly met up with Mauricio. We went to his place, where Amit had arrived the day before, and wher were also staying two girls from Estonia. It was a real pleasure to see Mauricio again, along with his familly. His German friend Clemence was staying there as well, and we had a kind of a potluck party, with Israleli hummus and shawarwa, French-made guacamole, Ecuadorian wine, and an Estonian desert (with a directly imported liquor, damn I forgot the name). Easily giving up to pressure by Jonathan and Mauricio's mum, I made a huge mousse au chocolat, that we ate the next day. I ****ed up the chantilly (whipped cream?), but nobody noticed and ate either in silence or with loud "mmmmm", or both in fact. Mauricio and Clemence still had classes and exams coming up, so I took the girl to my favourite almuerzo place, where they serve you a 2 course meal with drink at 1.5 dollars, they could not believe it. Hey, this is South America: you can eat like at home for the same price as at home, or just sit anywhere for a good cheap meal. Same for accomodation, if you are not too afraid of cold water, it can stay reasonable! I had to warn them though, that their budget of 500 usd a month would not take them very far from the border once they crossed into Chile ...
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Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve - Amazon Jungle - Cuyabeno, Ecuador (cuyabeno wildlife reserve) [02:00]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow video of a travel blog to Cuyabeno, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Michelle_russ. See this TripWow and more at Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve - Amazon Jungle "Didn´t get much sleep on the rocky boat the night before we arrived back from the Galapagos but decided to book a night bus to join up with amazon tour leaving the next day anyways so to not waste another day.. We hung out in Quito all day then took the night bus to Lago Agrio where we arrived at 6:30am. We had a couple hours to waste then the tour company picked us up at 10am to take us on a 3 hour bumpy bus ride then a 4 hour canoe ride to get us into the primary rainforest area- Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. The ride up took forever and we had to stop along the way to pick up our local guide so we were so thankfull to finally arrive at our lodge - Nicky Amazon Lodge. It was really pretty (in a very rustic way) and they had the huts all lit up with candles for our arrival. There is no electricity at the lodge (just a small solar panel to give a little electricity to the kitchen and for us to charge our camera batteries.) There was a big welcome hut with comfy hammocks for siestas in the afternoons. The people in our group were really nice. There was a Belgian couple, Nico & Mellissa (He works for Heneiken) who invited us to stay with themand take us for beer if we ever get back to Brugges. Mark, an English guy who was travelling for one year and a german couple. Our hut came ...
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