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"Ecuador, Peru and the Amazon" Randypepper's photos around Iquitos, Peru [02:37]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Iquitos, Peru by TravelPod blogger Randypepper titled "Ecuador, Peru and the Amazon" Randypepper's travel blog entry: "Here's a note on our recent travels as we end the second leg of our tour. We started our Ecuadorian adventure in its capital, Quito. The old town has a pretty square where we got to watch a demonstration urging war against Columbia for its army's attack of FARC guerrillas in Ecuadorian territory. While Quito is just north of the equator, it's in a very high valley so the daytime temperatures seldom go above 22 Centigrade in the winter and it rains most days. A highlight was a visit to the Guayasamin Museum and the Chapel of Humanity which now display the amazing works of Ecuadorian artist, Oswaldo Guayasamin (after his several former wives stopped bickering about where the works were to be displayed). We then flew to the Galapagos islands with our old mates, Frank Archibald, Liz Palatics and their three kids, Joanne, Adrienne and Craig. Had a marvelous week aboard the good ship, Eric, and saw some unusual wildlife. You haven't lived until you've been up close to a boobie! The snorkeling was terrific and included sightings (and sometimes swimming with) sea turtles, sea lions, penguins, manta, eagle and sting rays, octopus, and white-tipped and hammerhead sharks. Some encounters were less than friendly: Craig got a nasty sting from a jelly fish and Adrienne was bitten by a sea lion. At other times ...
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Alfaro Vive Carajo10.
Documental del grupo guerrillero AVC. ... guerrilla ecuador eloyalfaro documental politica
Tags: guerrilla, ecuador, eloyalfaro, documental, politica

Alfaro Vive Carajo 2.
Documental del grupo guerrillero AVC ... guerrilla alfaro ecuador documental
Tags: guerrilla, alfaro, ecuador, documental

Alfaro Vive Carajo13.
Documental del grupo guerrillero AVC. ... guerrilla ecuador eloyalfaro documental
Tags: guerrilla, ecuador, eloyalfaro, documental

Alfaro Vive Carajo7.
Documental del grupo guerrillero AVC. ... guerrilla ecuador eloyalfaro documental
Tags: guerrilla, ecuador, eloyalfaro, documental

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