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Amazon Rainforest (HD) [04:17]
The beauty of nature. Enjoy. Music: Ashitaka and San by Jo Hisaishi.

Napo Wildlife Center - Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador [04:55]
My trip to the Ecuadorian Amazon back in 2009. We stayed at the beautiful Napo Wildlife Center. Highly recommended! The food there is a fabulous as my camera...

Suchipakari Jungle Lodge Amazon Tours Biodiversity Ecuador Jungle Excursions Eco tourism [04:54]
Suchipakari Rainforest Hotel Jungle Lodge Ecuador is fully aware of their responsibility towards the Amazon Relax and enjoy beautiful views of the Amazon and all of its diverse plant and animal life. The Lodge offers a privileged and comfortable stay in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest. Escape to a hotel retreat surrounded by the verdant tropical landscape of the rainforest and diverse native wildlife. With panoramic views of the River and Rainforest. Our cabins feature private balconies with breathtaking panoramic views. - NATURAL/PACKAGES: Rainforest/Adventure:/Jungle/Trekking/Ecological/Selva/Viva/Rich/Ecosystems/Cascades/River/Tubbing/Giant/Ceibo/Tree/--/Medicinal/Plants/Vibrant/Culture. Discovery/Napo/River:/Visiting/Amazon/Natives/Canoe/Tour/Amazon/Dawn/Watching/Animal/Rescue/Center/Swimming/Jungle/Rivers -ADVENTURE/PACKAGES: Bike/Thrill:/Jungle/Bike/Tours/fall/Expeditions/Selva/Viva/Kichwa/Survivor/Swimming/Amazon/Rivers Explore/Cannon:/Canyoning/Caves/Rappelling/Hiking/Jumping/Beautiful/landscapes/Stalagmites/&/Stalagtites/Petroglyphs. Exciting/Day/Trip:/Rafting/&/Kayaking - GENERAL INFORMATION Amazon Ecuador making it an ideal destination with really easy and fast access for an Amazon Tour. Ecuador is home to a huge variety of species many of them endemic. The biodiversity of plant species in the Amazon is the highest on Earth with estimates that one square kilometer (247 acres) contains more than a thousand types of trees and thousands of species of other ...

Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest [03:10]
Welcome to Yacuma Lodge, a beautiful place created for those who love the Amazon Rainforest. Through these pages we want to share with you the wonders offered by the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest and invite you to enjoy an unforgettable journey. ¿How was it born? Yacuma Ecolodge is a joint ecotourism initiative of the rainforest Indigenous Kichwa Community of Chontayacu and Pamir Travels Group in Ecuador. It was founded in 1995 and since that the Ecolodge provides employment opportunities through nature-based tourism, a much-needed economic alternative to lodging. The goal at the outset of the Yacuma project was to create a viable ecotourism lodge that is wholly owned and operated by local Ecuadorian managers and staff. To accomplish this, Pamir trained villagers in a broad range of activities, including house keeping, food preparation and tours guiding. Today, 15 families receive regular direct economic benefits from employment and management of the ecolodge. They also receive indirect benefits from the sale of crafts that are made in a sustainable manner.

Howler Monkeys in Pacoche Rainforest [00:25]
Manta, Ecuador May 16, 2012

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