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"LAS IGLESIAS DE QUITO" Travelingg's photos around QUITO, Ecuador [00:52]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to QUITO, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Travelingg titled "LAS IGLESIAS DE QUITO" Travelingg's travel blog entry: "Under gray, cloudy skies, took a self-guided tour today of Quito's colonial churches. One of the city's oldest, Monastery of San Francisco, was erected in 1534; but it tool 70 years to finish. The main chapel is under going extensive renovation both inside and out. Yet, the adjoining museum houses many of the church's exquisite colonial art. It was a wide selection of beautiful paintings, sculptures, and furniture My personal favorite were the somberly painted wooden sculptures of bloody Jesuses. La Compania de Jesus was started in 1605, but this structure took some 163 years to complete! The interior of this church is truly stupendous. Supposedly 7 tons of gold were used to gild the walls, ceilings, and altars. Considered the most beautiful church in Ecuador, the interior is absolutely awe-inspiring....(Darren, keep your eyes peeled for the postcard of this church). The Monastery of Santa Catalina is a fully functioning convent and monastery, but I never got a chance to enter since the individual running the ticket counter was probably somewhere on a union break. Meanwhile, across the hall was a little store where the public could purchase products--lotions, shampoos, elixirs, and more--manufactured by the 20 or so nuns living at the church. However, all business transactions are handled through a little ...
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"In the Land of the Incas" Tumi1213's photos around Machu Picchu, Peru [00:57]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Machu Picchu, Peru by TravelPod blogger Tumi1213 titled "In the Land of the Incas" Tumi1213's travel blog entry: "We rounded the high stone wall and gasped as the vista opened out before us. Machu Picchu. Lost City of the Incas. The city the Spanish never found. Our gaze swept across the sheltered mountain glen. Wisps of fog rose through the surrounding green-clad mountains, adding an ethereal quality to the already fairy tale setting. Rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911 while leading a Yale expedition seeking the last city stronghold of the Incas, Villacamba...but I'm getting ahead of myself... We landed in the capital of Peru, Lima, and weren't out of the airport before our first surprise - we needed some ready cash in the local currency but the ATM popped out US dollars. It turns out that that's the common used currency here. The next surprise came as we stepped outside the airport. We were awash in balmy ocean breezes - Lima, on the Pacific Ocean, feels just like southern California with its sunny and dry atmosphere, palm trees waving everywhere. We had an afternoon to stroll along the beach before turning in early for a 4 am pickup the next morning. Flights to Cusco (the jumping off city for Machu Picchu trips) are early to ensure good weather as you fly over the Andes. (Luckily Peru is the same time zone as New York, so the jet lag isn't bad.) Second in height only to the Himalayas, the Andes boast several peaks ...
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"Amazon Jungle" Laine's photos around Tena, Ecuador [02:39]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Tena, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Laine titled "Amazon Jungle" Laine's travel blog entry: "8/12-14/12 We had a big night out before we left Quito and went to a bar where we got a gigantic tube of beer, basically it held about 6 pints and you could pour it out at the table. We ended up in a night club dancing to South American pop music feeling rather tall compared to the other people dancing. It was quite a good night and we got to know each other a bit better. The next day saw us on a 6 hr bus ride into Tena, where we were going to spend the next 5 days in the Amazon jungle. Now I don't know about you but I have always wanted to go here, it has always been portrayed as a really exotic and exciting place. We arrived at our lodge after being transferred in the back of a pick up truck, a bumpy but exciting enough ride. The lodge was right on the top of a cliff, looking out over the Amazon jungle and the river. For as far as you could see it was just jungle, green dense jungle with clouds rising up sporadically and a river winding its way through. Our rooms were quite basic but with the raw timber and fly screen windows it just added to the atmosphere. We had been given the task of thinking of three statements about ourselves, two false and one real. The idea was that everyone was to say their statements and people would have to go around and decide which was the true one; the person who got the most right would get a ...
Tags: big guinea pig, rio verde tena ecuador, bumpee jumpy in banos, ecuador, tena ecuador, amazon, jungle, tena, trip, slideshow, tripwow, tripadvisor, photography, vacation, photos

"Ecuador - Puerto L" Pekingeend's photos around Puerto López, Ecuador [01:41]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Puerto López, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Pekingeend titled "Ecuador - Puerto L" Pekingeend's travel blog entry: "Donderdag 12 juni 2008 Een beetje angstig stond ik om 9u aan de diveshop. Hier moest ik op de rest van de groep wachten die me in de boot zou vergezellen naar Isla de la Plata. Zij hoopten walvissen tegen te komen onderweg, maar ik wilde gewoon naar het eiland om te gaan duiken! Zo snel mogelijk het water in, get it over with, die drempel weer over! We zijn geen walvissen tegengekomen, dus waren we al rond 11u30 aan het eiland. Mooi zo. We hebben de 9 anderen gedropt op het eiland en ik ben met mijn duikinstructor/kapitein/buddy (Luis) en de bootsman (José) ietsje verder gevaren naar een plek waar ze vandaag al roggen van 4m hadden gezien. Luis, mijn duikbuddy voor vandaag, heeft alles eerst goed overlopen in de boot, want ik had hem gezegd dat het een jaar geleden was dat ik nog gedoken had. Hij wilde vóór we helemaal naar beneden gingen het legen van de duikbril oefenen en het beademingstoestel onder water uit de mond halen. Prima, zolang ik het maar op voorhand weet! Door zijn uitleg was ik al wat kalmer en wilde ik er aan beginnen. Eerst moest ik me in het volledige wetsuit wringen. Daarbovenop nog eens een halve wetsuit, schoentjes en hoofdkap. Ik was helemaal ingepakt, klaar om de koude in te duiken. De 2 mannen aan boord hebben me zo goed geholpen, ze waren echte schatjes. De eerste duik zakten we ...
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"The Most Beautiful City in Ecuador" Ladyandtramp's photos around Cuenca, Ecuador [01:05]
A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Cuenca, Ecuador by TravelPod blogger Ladyandtramp titled ""The Most Beautiful City in Ecuador"" Ladyandtramp's travel blog entry: "In two more weeks, we will be home. This is the time that working on a blog becomes a bit of a chore. Finding the time and an internet cafe in new places can be a bit of a challenge ... but we want to tell you a bit about Cuenca and our plans for the next two weeks. A week ago we flew 1000 km from the Galapagos to the mainland city of Guayaquil. We made the choice to fly on to Cuenca rather than take a bus and we are glad that we did this. When flying over Guayaquil, we noticed that it was flooded following a big rainstorm - roads underwater and houses with water right up to the walls. Later we heard that there had been several landslides on the highway connecting Guayaquil to Cuenca and the road was a mess. The bus ride would have been awful and it only took us 1/2 hour by plane. Cuenca is a lovely colonial city which has been named the most beautiful city in Ecuador. It is in the southern sierra, about 440 km (275 m) south of Quito and is Ecuador´s 3rd largest city with a population of around 400000 people. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site, which is a place of either cultural or physical significance. Cuenca was chosen because of its historical buildings with cobblestone streets, lots of beautiful churches and lovely old mansions. Before the Spanish arrived in 1534, it was the 2nd largest city ...
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