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  • Take a Stroll through the Historic Center of Quito

    Featuring more than a hundred monuments and buildings with historic, architectural and cultural value, the historic center of Quito is considered to be one of Latin America’s most important ...

  • The Unique Tsáchila Tribe of Ecuador

    The Tsáchila are a tribe living in the canton of Santo Domingo in the Pichincha province of Ecuador. The name Tsáchila means “true people”, but the Spanish referred to them as “Colorado” which ...

  • Enthralling Galapagos Cruises

    The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located about 965 kilometers off the west coast mainland of Ecuador. These fascinating islands have a multitude of unusual endemic ...

  • The Churches and Cathedrals of Loja

    Referred to as the Music and Cultural Capital of Ecuador, the picturesque city of Loja is located in Cuxibamba valley, experiencing a mild Andean climate that adds to its appeal as a tourist ...

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  • Culture

    Video will soon be introducing a new feature to the website. Visitors to will be able to download fascinating videos related to the country. This is a fantastic way for you to become better acquainted with this marvelous land and its people. From views of the stunning landscape to a closer look at local events and tourist attractions, you will find the videos on ...

  • Costa (Coastline)


    Situated on the Pacific coastline, Salinas is considered by many to be the best tourist beach and resort in Ecuador. For many tourists and locals alike, Salinas is the best place to spend a holiday – the beautiful blue ocean and the Salinas beaches are the perfect ingredient for a fun filled vacation. When not in the mood for sunbathing or enjoying the waters of the Pacific, you can enjoy ...

  • Costa (Coastline)

    Bahia De Caraquez

    Bahia de Caraquez is one of the more peaceful and ecologically friendly destinations in Ecuador. Looking at the beauty of this coastal resort, it is hard to imagine that it was almost completely destroyed by the earthquakes that it suffered in 1997 and again in 1998. The earthquakes and natural disasters that shook Bahia de Caraquez were a result of the El Niño phenomenon. This eco-city is ...

  • Culture


    Much of the art in Ecuador is traditional and usually the skills involved are passed down from generation to generation. Most of the locals make no distinction between fine arts and crafts. Most of the art is therefore not only beautiful but has a practical use. Some of the items you will find in cities are commercialized and are poor quality but if you make your way down to some of the ...

  • Community

    Singles has been receiving numerous queries from people in Ecuador and the rest of the world everyday regarding Ecuadorian singles and dating services.

  • Business

    Trade Board

  • Oriente (Amazon)

    Nueva Loja

    Nueva Loja is the official name for Lago Agrio. Loja has a rather sizable population of 26,000 people. The town came into existence largely due to the establishment of oil fields by the Texan oil company Texaco in the area. It was these Texans who saw fit to name the area after 'Sour Lake' in Texas and the name has since stuck. Today Nueva Loja is the primary capital city for the Sucumbios ...

  • Activities

    Horseback Riding

    Even if you are not a horse riding enthusiast, the idea of riding a horse across the striking Ecuadorian countryside might appeal to you. For most people, it is the idea of getting the horse to do all the walking for them that appeals the most but the fact is, horse riding takes quite a bit of effort and you can expect to be quite stiff after a few hours of riding – especially if you do not ...


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