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  • Ecuador’s Dark Secret: World Class Coffee

    When you think of coffee and where it’s grown, countries like Brazil and Colombia are usually what come to mind. And why not... Brazil is the world’s largest coffee exporter with up to one third ...

  • Fernandina Island in the Galapagos

    At an age of approximately 700,000 years, Fernandina is considered to be the youngest of the spectacular Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. Named in honor of King Ferdinand of Spain, the sponsor of ...

  • The beautiful El Chanquinan

    For a unique and fascinating hiking or mountain biking experience, visitors to Ecuador should head towards the city of Quito and take on the beautiful El Chaquinan, or Bat Trail. It was ...

  • Flowers Galore in Ecuador

    Ecuador suddenly woke up about a decade ago to its potential of growing and exporting flowers. It has now captured a significant portion of the international market. The climate is conducive to ...

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What to See

  • Regions

    Galápagos Islands

    The beautiful, mysterious Galapagos Islands are situated a mere 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian Coast. The island group was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 and subsequently a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985 by UNESCO. The Galapagos Islands flourish with a wide variety of amazing animals and different species. Among the animals found there are the different species of giant ...

  • Sights

    Sanctuary Guapulo

    Just outside of the city of Quito on the road from Hotel Quito, you will come to the fascinating historic village known as Guápula. Before meandering down to the village itself, the road offers tourists an exquisite view of the little village. Entering the village you instantly feel Bohemian overtones as you see many artists at work. One of the greatest attractions in the village is the ...

  • Sights

    Arco Capilla Rosario

    Though it happened a long time ago, Ecuador still bears the marks of Spanish colonization in a very visible way. The Spanish culture has had a strong influence on the people of this diverse country and this includes various elements of the Roman Catholic faith. Everywhere you go, you will not only hear Spanish being spoken on the lips of almost every citizen of the country, but you will also ...

  • Health Spas

    Arasha Resort Spa

    The Arashá Resort and Spa is located in the western rainforest of Ecuador, which is known as the most bio-diverse area in the whole world. The rainforest has over 35,000 species of plant alone, of which fifty percent of these are widespread in this area. There are also over 664 species of amphibians and over 500 species of birds contained in an area that is slowly decreasing in size due to ...

  • Sights

    Carondelet Palace

    Quito is a marvelous Ecuadorian city filled with historical treasures, cultural wonders and major architectural feats. From religious to secular structures, visitors to the city are frequently struck by the sheer magnificence of many of its buildings. One such historical building is the Palace Carondelet located on the streets of Chile and Garcia Moreno. Today it still stands proudly as the ...

  • Sights

    La Rotonda

    La Rotonda is a historical monument that can be found on the waterfront walkway in Guayaquil. To be more specific it can be found in Cdla. Alborada, on Benjamin Carrión avenue on third street and is open from half past nine to eight in the evening. The monument is in a semicircle shape and was designed by the famous Jose Antonio Homs, a Spanish Sculptor, in 1937 to commemorate this occasion. ...

  • Activities

    Scuba Diving

    When you mention the word ‘Ecuador’ to people, the first images that often come to their minds are ones of beautiful mountains, pristine forests, ancient ruins and small, rustic villages. Seldom will they think of beautiful beaches and the wondrous marine life that teams within the waters off the coast of this stunning country. Yet Ecuador’s coasts are teaming with sea creatures that are not ...

  • Business


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