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  • Ecuador Travel Mart 2008

    The city of Cuenca will be hosting the Ecuador Travel Mart 2008 from 20 to 23 April. Cuenca is situated in a wide valley of the Andean Mountains, is surrounded by natural beauty and enjoys a ...

  • Take a Train Trip Through Scenic Chimborazo

    With its mountainous terrain and outstanding scenery, Ecuador is a country to be explored at leisure, and traveling by train is one of the ways visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of this ...

  • Vilcabamba Health

    For years it has been believed that Vilcabamba holds the secrets to longevity, as the locals here have an average lifespan of approximately a hundred years, with some even reaching the age of ...

  • Galápagos Sea Lions

    Endemic to the Galápagos Islands and Isla de la Plata, Galápagos sea lions are a familiar sight when exploring Ecuador's spectacular archipelago. Very social and playful by nature, these ...

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  • Activities

    Scuba Diving

    When you mention the word ‘Ecuador’ to people, the first images that often come to their minds are ones of beautiful mountains, pristine forests, ancient ruins and small, rustic villages. Seldom will they think of beautiful beaches and the wondrous marine life that teams within the waters off the coast of this stunning country. Yet Ecuador’s coasts are teaming with sea creatures that are not ...

  • Health Spas

    Luna Runtun Spa

    South America is a beautiful and varied country with so many wonderful places and sights to see and visit. One of the highly recommended places that you should visit can be found in Ecuador’s Central Andes, just above the flourishing town of Baños. The Luna Rutun Spa is what you will find, known not just for its array of relaxing and rejuvenating spas but also as an adventure center. You may ...

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    Guides and Directories

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  • Protected Areas

    Sangay National Park

    Sangay National Park is a very important protected area located across the provinces of Tungurahua, Morono Santiago and Chimborazo of Ecuador. In fact, it was inscribed as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1983. The park covers some 517 765ha of varied ecosystems, encompassing all types of habitats from glaciers to rainforests, plains to volcanoes. A number of vital indigenous species reside ...

  • Protected Areas

    Galapagos National Park

    The Galapagos National Park is one of the greatest natural treasures in the world. Virtually untouched for eons, this small archipelago is rich in natural flora and fauna. The some 1 714 000 acres of land (693 700 ha) that now make up the Galapagos National Park were first set aside for this purpose in 1959, but it took thirteen years of planning and development before the first park ...

  • Travel


    Ecuador is a country of spectacular variety and beautiful scenery. From beaches to volcanoes, you can expect to find almost any kind of environment here. This means Ecuador's tourism opportunities are some of the best in the world. It also means that there are a lot of activities to enjoy in this country. Best of all, Ecuador offers the opportunity to enjoy the ruins left behind by the ...

  • Protected Areas

    Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve

    Situated in the Imbabura Province of Ecuador, the Cotacachi Cayapas Reserve is a beautiful nature reserve with a number of biological zones. The reserve covers approximately 752 235 acres of land and is part of the Ecuadorian reserve system. Since it extends from the heights of the Sierra Mountains to the western edge of the Esmeraldas region, it enjoys Andean, Sub-tropical and rainforest ...

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