Ecuador Activities, Things to do in Ecuador, Attractions

Mountain Climbing

Ecuador offers some of the best mountain climbing adventures in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, the Andes will be able to provide you with some fantastic adventures. The landscapes are marvelous. Hiking around the giant volcanoes and trekking in the footprints of the Incas is part of every must-do adventure in Ecuador.

Mountain Biking

Riding a mountain bike is a wonderful way to discover the Ecuadorian Andes and the various communities living in the highlands. There are many companies in Ecuador that rent out bikes and mountain biking equipment. They also arrange guided day trips. Mountain biking in the Andes will give you the chance to explore Ecuador’s most picturesque and untouched places at your own pace.

Rafting and Kayaking

Ecuador is blessed with many high mountain ranges and many rivers dropping down from the Andes into the Amazon basin and coastal plains. There is no better place to go river rafting or kayaking in South America than Ecuador. What’s more, you can choose your adventure according to your level of experience. More experienced visitors can choose a ride with challenging rapids while less experienced adventurers can enjoy a ride that is calm and relaxing.

Whale Watching

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands offer spectacular Humpback Whale Watching between the months of June and September. The best place to observe the Humpback Whales are along the coastline of the entire Province of Manabi.


Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands have some massive volcanoes that provide brooding, snow-covered contrasts to the green equatorial lushness. These volcanoes provide mountaineers some of the best opportunities to climb to soaring altitudes without technical difficulty. Volcano climbing is exciting and will leave you with an unforgettable challenge.