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Ecuador is a land of immense diversity and offers some amazing opportunities for adventure travel. Here you can hit dirt paths on the saddle of a mountain bike, make your way through a dense jungle with only a compass and your steely determination, or venture up the sides of ice-covered volcanoes. You can climb to the highest peaks of the Andes Mountains or go whitewater rafting down impressive gorges. Or, you can try you can try a combination of these activities and enjoy one action-packed vacation.

There are plenty of mountain climbing excursions which are usually guided by professional mountain guides. These guides are trained in all aspects of mountain climbing and rescue and will be best able to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable climbing expedition. There are many climbing opportunities available on volcanoes that will not only get your blood pumping but will take your breath away. At certain times of the year these volcanoes become covered by thick layers of ice which adds to the thrill. Some volcanoes are still active though and it would be best to comply with regulations and warnings if you are attempting to climb one of these.

You can also go on a trekking expedition in one of the remote areas of Ecuador. When doing this it is best to employ a native guide who knows the region and weather conditions. He will also likely be able to take care of pack horses and help carry equipment. Trekking can be very exiting as it allows you to see areas that not many other people see. You get to ‘cut’ your own trail through the dense jungle and perhaps you’ll even stumble across some ancient Inca ruins that have been forgotten over time!

Mountain biking is a popular adventure activity – providing a fast and efficient way to see the country’s vistas. The most adrenalin pumping trails are the ones that take you down the steep slopes of the Andes, but gentler versions can be arranged. You can also arrange to take trails up and down the sides of volcanoes. Most expeditions are accompanied by a support vehicle that will drop you off, pick you up and carry food and drinking water. It also stays in touch with the bikers so that they can get immediate help if they have some sort of emergency. If the idea of sweating it out doesn’t quite appeal to you, you might try endurance motor cycling on similar mountain trails.

Whitewater rafting is quite popular and quite a few tourism agencies offer the opportunity to experience this exhilarating thrill. There are also skydiving opportunities available in some of the towns. Whatever sort of adventure or thrill you are looking for, you can be sure you’ll find it in Ecuador.

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