Mountain Climbing in Ecuador, Tourist Activities

Ecuador is one of the best destinations for mountain climbing due to the country's idyllic weather conditions and its breathtaking landscapes. Mountain climbing also happens to be one of the most popular activities in Ecuador, since the volcanoes offer visitors the perfect opportunity to exercise their climbing skills while at the same time easily accommodating novice climbers. As long as mountain climbing enthusiasts are completely acclimatized and relatively fit they will be able to challenge the volcanoes of Ecuador. There are a few mountain climbing outfits in Ecuador that offer expeditions and it is recommended that climbers rather approach professionals when mountain climbing in Ecuador so that climbers are properly guided and equipped with the appropriate gear during their climb.

Professional guides will assist climbers in ascending the mountains at the correct speed and have been trained to deal will altitude sickness as well as
any other problems that might arise during the climb. Some climbs also require climbers to have some knowledge in vulcanology as most climbs take place on live volcanoes. As one of the adventure activities in Ecuador, mounting climbing is exciting and rewarding. The view from the summit cannot truly be described – you simply have to stand there and see it for yourself. The most popular climbs are Chimborazo, Illinizas, Cayambe and Cotopaxi. These volcanoes are filled with history, legends and challenging slopes. The highest active volcano in Ecuador is Cotopaxi. At a height of 5 897 meters, its last recorded eruption took place in 1904, with the first eruption taking place in 1738. The heat from the breathing volcano is evident by the lack of snow inside the crater.

Climbing Illiniza is probably not as challenging as Cotopaxi, but it will
still take climbers a few hours to reach the refuge that is located at the
base of the volcano. Even though Illiniza is classified as still being an active volcano, this 5 248 meter lava pot has not erupted in many years and is therefore considered a safe climb. The summit of this volcano is a bit more strenuous than Cotopaxi as it is steeper, but both reward tired climbers with a view they won’t forget.

If you have been able to climb Illiniza and Cotopaxi comfortably, then
your next challenge should be the 6 310 meter summit of Chimborazo. Here it
is definitely recommended to use a professional guide that will ensure safe
acclimatization and an enjoyable ascent. It has not erupted in so many years
that it is seen as an inactive volcano and is also located on the equator. There are two routes up the mountain, but the unpredictable weather of the mountain can cause some climbers to ascend the summit blanketed in clouds. No matter which mountain you decide to take on, mounting climbing in Ecuador is definitely an activity to look into while on vacation.

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