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The beautiful country of Ecuador has more than just a handful of volcanoes to its name. The people of Ecuador are already well accustomed to the grunts and groans of their volcanic neighbors and modern equipment has been able to ensure that most bad eruptions have as few casualties as possible. Though many cities and towns are nestled at the foot of a volcano, the inhabitants have learnt these geographic rumbling giants seldom cause damage and some even revere them. Often a small eruption may just result in the emission of gas. Other times it might send a few rocks and ash hurtling through the air. But every once in a while, even the quietest active volcano sends ash, smoke and red-hot larva tumbling down the sides of its cone. By and large, even the somewhat dangerous volcanoes do not affect the everyday lives of the people and many tourists have even come to recognize this country as being a great place to get up close and personal with this dangerous natural phenomenon by taking a volcano tour in Ecuador.

Baños is one of the best places to see volcanoes in Ecuador since it is home to a number of active volcanoes. The most active is the Tungurahua, which overlooks the city of Baños. Visitors may take a guided tour just outside of town where they can travel past the green mountains that separate the town from the rumbling giant. The average tour will take you near enough to get an idea of the heat that a volcano produces as well as allow you to witness an eruption up close and personal without getting so close that you get hurt. If you prefer to keep your distance, a volcano may be best viewed at night where the red lava lights up the night sky. In Baños, open-sided buses known as ‘chivas’ will pick up passengers, provide them with drinks and music and head for a hill top where this natural pyrotechnics display is viewed in all its glory.

Of course, Baños is not the only place in Ecuador where you can enjoy volcanic tours. Quito, Cotopaxi and the Galapagos Islands are just a few other places in Ecuador that offer this exciting option. Some of the volcanoes are somewhat dormant and can be reached on horseback. You may even be able to swim in a water-filled volcanic crater complete with a natural blend of rejuvenating minerals. If you are intent on seeing the red-hot blaze of lava, you’d best make sure that this is what your volcano tour entails. Otherwise simply sit back, relax and learn to appreciate what nature offers in all her different forms.

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