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Every country has historic and cultural treasures and Ecuador certainly isn’t the exception to the rule. The country has had a long and interesting history that extends far further into the past than what most people realize. The indigenous people of Ecuador lived off the land happily for many hundreds of years before the spreading Inca kingdom reached the area and Incan warriors conquered the locals. It wasn’t long before the area known today as Ecuador became a major part of the Incan Empire – only to be divided by royal heirs to the throne - something which significantly weakened the kingdom enough to enable the Spanish conquistadors who arrived in the 1531 to walk in and claim victory. Thus, you have pre-Incan history, Incan history and European colonization. All these things have strongly influenced the people of Ecuador and various aspects of the country’s culture can be better understood by visiting the various art museums found around the country.

Of course, the struggles brought about by human conflict have always been well reflected by great artists who try to grapple for an understanding of the problems they see around them. Over the years artists in Ecuador have been depicting the problems of colonialism, religion and many other things. Modern artists may reflect on past happenings or merely draw from that which they see around them. Whatever the case, art truly does provide a window through which to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for the people of a nation.

When you visit the country, you might want to consider visiting the many art galleries and museums in Ecuador. The Colonial Art Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Las Conceptas Museum are all great treasures where you can enjoy the combination of art and history. The Gallery of Antiques Josue is also a great find while the Pacific Bank Museum offers something a bit different. For a different look at religion, the Nuestra Señora del Cisne Religious Art Museum is a must. Why not visit as many different art museums and art galleries in Ecuador as you can? You may discover that they have more to offer than you bargained for.

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