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Imagine teeing off on a green with the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Andes in the background, or better yet, a smoking volcano providing an exotic element to the game. Golf is a widely enjoyed game in Ecuador and the country does have a few great golf courses. These golf courses in Ecuador are mainly the playing fields of the affluent of the country, but that does not necessarily mean that you will encounter a stodgy, uptight atmosphere. On the contrary, people in Ecuador are generally very hospitable and there are often other tourists enjoying the facilities who are more than happy to make your acquaintance.

The great thing about the various golf courses in Ecuador is that they are usually combined with health spas, resorts or tennis clubs. Thus, they usually have a variety of facilities at your disposal and some even offer a variety of adventure activities to enjoy when your golf game is not quite what it should be. The overall focus is that of relaxation and many of the golf clubs and resorts cater to the whole family. Thus, your partner can relax at the spa enjoying many of the fine therapeutic treatments on offer while you work on your game and enjoy the spectacular outdoor environment provided by this scenic country. In many respects, Ecuador is the ultimate getaway destination since you are unlikely to encounter annoying fans or struggle for space on the fairways. The staff here are always friendly and helpful – even though the language might be a barrier – and the facilities are really good.

There are a number of golf courses in Ecuador that are worth considering. The Quito Tennis and Golf Club is near the city of Quito which makes it quite accessible, while the Los Arrayanes Country Club provides a somewhat exclusive club. Other clubs worth considering are the Guayaquil Country Club, La Costa Country Club, the Cuenca Tennis and Golf Club, the Los Chillos Club and the Casablanca Club. Always check ahead to make sure of the facilities and the standard of accommodation if this is provided so that you can be confident about what sort of golfing holiday you will be able to experience. Even if you are not visiting strictly to play golf, you may well find it to be a welcome deviation from the rest of your travel plans.

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