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Not many people think of Ecuador as being a great place to play golf, but people in this country have been enjoying the sport since before the First World War. Of course the sport may not be as wide spread in Ecuador as it is in many other countries, but that does not mean that no one here knows how to swing a golf club. The fact is that there is more than one country club complete with golf course in this beautiful and scenic country. The Guayaquil Country Club is definitely one of Ecuador’s better golf courses.

The history of the Guayaquil Country Club goes back long before the founding date of 15 May 1933. In fact it goes back to 1914 when a number of civil employees from international mega companies, such as the All American Cable Company, the Bank of London the National Brewery and the National Cement Company, decided to organize a massive golf tournament in Ecuador. The chosen ‘golf course’ was an airfield in Durán and the event played a major role in the history of golf in Ecuador. This event was really the birth of golf in this part of the country and a few years later in 1933, the Guayaquil Country Club decided to find a permanent home. This joint-stock company purchased prime real estate just 8 kilometers from the beach and designed and built a simple course with nine holes. Things improved for the club even more in 1974 when they gained ‘club’ status and just two years later they made the decision to move to their present premises enroot to Daule.

Today the Guayaquil Country Club is more than just a great golf course. It enjoys amenities such as two cement tennis courts, horse riding facilities, squash courts and a swimming pool amongst other things. Of course the golf course is the central part of the club and this eighteen hole golf course has stunning fairways. The greens feature Bermuda teifdwarf and the course rating of 72.1 is guaranteed by the USGA. The Guayaquil Country Club generally enjoys warm weather during both day and night and it regularly hosts a number of prestigious events. So enjoy a few rounds of golf at this great country club the next time you visit Ecuador.

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