Museums in Ecuador, Culture

Museums throughout the world provide people with insight into the history of people, places, events and objects. From art museums and history museums to transport museums and toy museums - there are major attractions wherever you go. Ecuador is certainly no exception in this regard. Scattered around Ecuador are a number of fascinating museums. Museums in Ecuador play a vital role in educating both locals and foreign visitors. At the many Ecuadorian museums you will rediscover many centuries of fascinating culture and customs, as well as more recent political and scientific developments. Certainly, if you are looking for something interesting and informative to do whilst visiting Ecuador - or even if you simply want to immerse yourself in the past - head off to a few of the museums in Ecuador's cities.

One such fine Ecuadorian museum is the Museum and Library Aurelio Espinosa Pólit. This remarkable establishment was established by Aurelio Espinosa Pólit, a humanitarian, and serves primarily as an investigation center. It also boasts a rich archive of publications, art and other items.

A visit to the Ecuadorian Museum of Natural Science will reveal a number of paleontology exhibits of various creatures. Also worth visiting is the Military Museum “House of Treaties”. Here you can explore several major military events in Ecuador. Venture into the history of the Shuar Indians at the Shuar Anthropologic Museum. If you are a doctor or are simply interested in medical advances, pay a visit to Ecuador’s History of Medicine National Museum. Literature and folklore enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy strolling through the Azuay Folklore Institute. Those touring Guayaquil can find out more about this fascinating region at the Municipal Museum of Guayaquil. The Indio Guaranda Cultural Museum is an intriguing ethnological, archaeological and historical museum in Guaranda.

These are just a few of the many marvelous museums in Ecuador. Others to look out for include the San Diego Monastery Museum, Astronomic Observatory Museum located in Alameda Park, El Mongote Real Alto Archaeological Site Museum, Lovers of Sumpa Museum, Banco Central Museum, Aborigines Cultures Museum, Quinta Juan León Mera Museum, Carlos Mercado Archaeological Museum and the Agua Blanca Museum. To find out more about Ecuador’s museums select specific museums on the navigation located on this page. Enjoy exploring the museums of Ecuador with!

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