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The Aborigines Cultural Museum, also known as the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures, is a fascinating museum located in Cuenca in Ecuador. At this fine museum you will discover the marvelous people who have always inhabited the country's landscape. Ecuador's aborigines or indigenous people are made up of eleven different cultures, namely the Quichaua, Saraguros, Slasacas, Otavalenos, Huaorani, Cofan, Siona, Achuar, Shuar, Zaparo and Secoya. A visit to the remarkable Museum of Aboriginal Cultures in Ecuador is an enlightening adventure.

Ecuador’s indigenous people have been residing in the Andes, Amazon Basin and lowlands long before colonialists even knew South America existed. Today they still retain the ancient languages of the Incas as well as their unique culture. Unlike the people who took over the land of Ecuador, the aborigines believe they form a part of the environment and feel it is important to live harmoniously with the natural world. Sadly society today has placed many pressures on these people, with industrialization and the destruction of the environment. This has already led to the loss of the Zaparo and Tetete people. Interestingly, 45% of Ecuador’s population is made up of indigenous groups who also provide 75% of the country’s foods on their farms. The culture of Ecuador’s aborigines is rich and filled with fascinating rituals, tales and customs.

When visiting the Aborigines Cultural Museum in Cuenca you will be able to gain insight into these fascinating people. Here you will see a number of exhibits, particularly pre-Columbian artifacts. Archaeological discoveries stored at the museum number over 5 000. These items include fossils, ceramics, lithic objects, handicrafts and artworks. The paleontological displays guide you through the various eras in the lives of the aborigine people. This huge museum also features a fantastic multimedia section. It will take you about 2 or more hours to explore the marvelous museum. Tours and information are provided in English and Spanish. Disabled patrons are well catered for and there are a number of facilities available for them. The hours of operation for the museum are Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm; and Saturdays: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. For an in depth look at the indigenous people of Ecuador, visit the Museum of Aboriginal Cultures.

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