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Located in the exquisite city of Quito is the Museo de la Ciudad, the city museum. Perfectly complementing the historical hub of Quito in which it is found, the museum has a truly impressive collection with a variety of exhibitions. Exhibits span the time period from the pre-Columbian era right up to today. Ecuador's Museo de la Ciudad explores everyday life in this fascinating city. The tale is told through a number of items including maps, ceramics and displays with detailed explanations on traditions and customs through the ages. For a unique adventure into the past of Quito, visit the outstanding Museo de la Ciudad.

The Museo de la Ciudad is housed in Quito’s oldest building, which dates back to 1565. It was originally established as a hospital called “Hospital de la Misericordia y Caridad” or “Our Merciful Lord Christ Jesus’ Hospital”. In later years it was given the name of “San Juan de Dios Hospital” or “Saint John of God’s Hospital”. Interestingly, hospitals were constructed in Spanish-owned towns due to the Christian promotion of wellbeing and original hospitals served to aid the ill and to provide charity. Today, this remarkable historical building is home to the fine Museo de la Ciudad.

Journey through the centuries along with the people of Quito, investigating how their city has expanded and diversified at the Museo de la Ciudad. More than dealing with art, archeology or historical events, this fine museum in Quito focuses on everyday life of Quito’s common residents. This allows visitors to delve into the life of the city and to make the experience their own. Many years back Quito was an important trade point where goods, ideas, languages, beliefs and cultures were exchanged. The museum is the perfect place to learn more about this. Inside the museum you will discover exhibitions providing details on traditions, legends, cuisine, dress, social issues, activities, events, daily objects, interesting works and much more. The Museo de la Ciudad is separated into sections and visitors should take note that some exhibitions do change regularly.

The Museo de la Ciudad can be visited between Tuesdays and Sundays from 09:30 am to 05:30 pm. Tours can be organized.

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