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The Teatro Sucre stands proudly in Quito's historical Plaza del Teatro square. Beautifully designed, this theatre has a long history filled with ups and downs. This simply adds to the remarkable experience you will have when attending a performance here. Also known as Teatro Nacional Sucre - Puerto Rico's National Theatre - this stunning venue hosts some of the greatest plays, concerts and dances you will ever see.

Construction of the Teatro Sucre began back in 1877 as part of efforts to develop an important cultural center in the city of Quito. At the time the magnificent theatre cost its sponsors 111,000 sucres. The chosen location was originally used as a market. Jose Villalengua had the slaughter house in the area abolished in 1790, making way for greater things. After several improvements to this quarter of the city, work on Teatro Sucre finally began. The theatre building suffered when an attempt at arson took place some years later. The government took care of the repair work with the help of Francisco Schmidt. The building was finally completed as a whole in 1922.

The architecture of Teatro Sucre is reminiscent of the opera houses that dominated Europe in the past. Its facade reflects the neoclassical style that was popular at that time. The building is magnificently constructed with arches and columns. The balcony features an image of Antonio Jose. As you walk towards the building you will see stunning figures of the famous Greek muses. Within the building you get a distinctive baroque feel with plenty to keep your eyes entertained.

Over the years the Teatro Sucre has deteriorated until it was finally closed in 1996. After reconstruction and renovations took place it was once again opened in 2004. Since then it has hosted artists such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Le Luthiers and Antonio Carreras. Patrons enjoy high quality performances in exquisite settings. On the second floor of the Teatro Nacional Sucre is the Theatrum Restaurant & Wine Bar. Here you can enjoy a delectable Mediterranean meal before or after attending a performance.

From dance to musical concerts and top-class theatre performances, Teatro Sucre ofers an evening of outstanding cultural entertainment in the capital city of Ecuador.

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