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  • Ecuador at the Beijing Olympics

    Every four years there is plenty of excitement in countries from around the world as national teams are sent off to participate in the Olympics. This year this grand sporting event is taking ...

  • Puerto Hondo: Treasured By The Local Community

    It is not very often that one finds a community who work together to protect and conserve their town and its surrounding areas. Many communities decide to leave conservation to the authorities ...

  • Tantalize Your Taste Buds with Ecuador’s Fruit

    Part of the pleasure of exploring the country you are visiting is to try local cuisine and locally grown produce. The tropical and sub-tropical climate of Ecuador, along with fertile soil ...

  • Famous Ecuadorian Wrestler Hugo Saninovich

    Hugo Saninovich is a known commentator for WWE. But before teaming up with Marcelo Rodrigues and Carlos Cabrera to bring the wrestling action to the Spanish speaking audience, he was a ...

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What to See

  • Bahia De Caraquez

    Bahia de Caraquez is one of the more peaceful and ecologically friendly destinations in Ecuador. Looking at the beauty of this coastal resort, it is hard to imagine that it was almost completely destroyed by the earthquakes that it suffered in 1997 and again in 1998. The earthquakes and natural disasters that shook Bahia de Caraquez were a result of the El Niño phenomenon. This eco-city is ...

  • Latacunga

    Cotopaxi is one of the many provinces in Ecuador. Cotopaxi is home to Latacunga, which is the capital of the province. Latacunga is situated on a plateau, which is a piece of land that is much higher then the surrounding flat areas. It is approximately 2,850 meters or 9,055 feet above the mean sea level.

  • Galápagos Islands

    The beautiful, mysterious Galapagos Islands are situated a mere 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian Coast. The island group was declared a World Heritage Site in 1978 and subsequently a World Biosphere Reserve in 1985 by UNESCO.The Galapagos Islands flourish with a wide variety of amazing animals and different species. Among the animals found there are the different species of giant ...

  • Guaranda

    Let us visit the smallest provincial capital of Ecuador, the colorful and vibrant city of Guaranda. If you look around you will notice the surrounding mountain peaks that Guaranda is so famous for. Guaranda is also known as the "City of the Seven Hills" and its pleasant climate and tropical regions, along with its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, makes it a very popular holiday destination.

  • Ibarra

    A colonial town with small cobbled streets just 45 miles away from Quito, Ibarra is the capital of the Imbabura province. Ibarra is situated between the Imbabura Volcano and the Tahuando River and has quite a peaceful environment. The weather is generally pleasant, making it the ideal spot for someone looking to 'get away from it all'.

  • Weather

    It is extremely difficult to predict Ecuador's weather. In fact, it's not uncommon to experience all four seasons in one day. The weather patterns of Ecuador vary greatly because it is such geographically diverse country and so many different things influence the weather.

  • Salcedo

    At the heart of the Cotopaxi province of Ecuador lies the sleepy little town of Salcedo. Most visitors to this part of the world only spend the night at one of the luxury hotels in the area while others just pass through by bus or on foot enroute to other destinations. Really though, Salcedo has a lot to offer and should definitely be given a second glance.

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