Adventure Awaits on the Quilotoa Loop

Are you looking for an adventure in Ecuador that will take you off the beaten track to explore the beauty and magnificence of the landscapes of the country that have remained untouched by development and modernization? Then the Quilotoa Loop is the perfect expedition for you. The Quilotoa Loop is located in the splendor of the Andes Mountains, with rolling hills and breathtaking vegetation, and encompasses of a number of towns and villages where indigenous farming and simple living is the essence of each community.

There are busses that travel between the villages, so visitors can stay in one central location and visit a town or village each day. However, most travelers enjoy discovering the Quilotoa Loop in a more adventurous manner, making their own way from one town to the next. There are hiking trails that guide visitors through the diverse landscape; or tourists can take to the narrow roads by mountain bike. Completing the Quilotoa Loop on horseback is another popular option, but it all depends on the traveler’s preferences.

Latacunga is the most convenient starting point on the loop. The roads that lead away from the town are unpaved, winding and have spectacular views of the mountains, rivers and verdant landscape. The towns and villages that visitors will encounter along the Quilotoa Loop include Tigua, Chugchilan, Laguna Quilotoa, Isinliyi and Sasquisili. There are many attractions along the route as well as unique features in some of the villages, including the majestic Quilotoa Volcanic Crater Lake with its breathtaking waters and wonderful hiking routes. Chugchilan is known for its beautiful horseback trails, magnificent forests and spectacular canyons; while Tigua is filled with many talented residents, creating exceptional paintings that are sold throughout the galleries in Ecuador. Sasquisili is home to one of the most authentic markets in the country and Laguna Quilotoa combines landscaped natural wonder with friendly locals and comfortable accommodation.

The Quilotoa Loop is an exceptional venture of exploration and discovery, boasting pristine landscapes, magnificent wildlife and a chance to see Ecuador from a different angle. Getting to know the locals, their customs and the traditions that keep these villages alive, is a truly amazing opportunity and one of the most fabulous attractions the county has to offer.